Haroon Lorgat is not a saint from heaven: Ijaz Butt

Ijaz Butt says allegations are being leveled to defraud Pakistan and Pakistan Cricket, will reveal guilty parties soon

Shaheryar Popalzai September 19, 2010

The Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt has said that International Cricket Council Chief Haroon Lorgat is 'not a saint from heaven' making statements everyone should believe in.

Butt was speaking to Express 24/7 on the recent match fixing allegations leveled against Pakistan. He said that the allegations are being leveled to defraud Pakistan and Pakistan Cricket and that the PCB has launched its own investigation, and will be announcing names of parties, organisations and people involved.

He also said that according some bookies, some English players were paid enormous amounts of money which is why the England batting collapsed in the third one day.

Butt said that it was unfortunate that statements and allegations had been levelled without any investigations, and that he would be bringing up these questions ata meeting on the 11th.

Speaking on the previous match fixing allegations, he said that all three players have been questioned by Scotland Yard for nine hours and no charges had been pressed against them.

Pakistan cricket recently received another blow, after a UK based paper alleged that Pakistan players were involved in fixing the third one day international.

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Rizwan T Khan | 10 years ago | Reply Lets not waste time on Butt saab.
Zain | 10 years ago | Reply Honestly, for the first time a Pakistani (irrespective of him being ejaz butt) has stood up against the "gorraz" trying to mess with us or its the first time a Pakistani have rightly so stood up to protect another Pakistani being falsely accused and tortured of constant allegations by some third being, other then the media and ourselves, of match fixing etc. (as its not really been proven yet). Though i dont really agree to what ejaz butt did or said to protect them, but for once rather then taunting him lets just try to guide him to what exactly he should do to protect them until their proven guilty through media. Any other western nation we are always fond about talking would do the same. They will go to any extent in protecting their own citizens stuck in the situation as ours are. So why don't we for once do the same as a Pakistani. Giving it a try would be a no-loss situation as nothing good what so ever is happening around us.
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