CIA operating secret drone base in Saudi Arabia: Report

Reports surface that the CIA has been operating a secret airbase to carry out drone strikes against al Qaeda members.

Web Desk February 06, 2013

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been operating a clandestine airbase for unmanned drones in Saudi Arabia for the past two years, the BBC reported.

The base was established for the purpose of hunting down al Qaeda members in the Arabian Peninsula.

A drone took flight from this facility in September 2011 to kill Anwar al Awlaki, a US-born Muslim cleric who was suspected to be the al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) external operations head.

The BBC further asserted that the American media have been aware of its existence since then, but have not reported on it.

Senior US government officials had stated that they were concerned that the disclosure of the secret facility would undercut operations against AQAP and potentially damage collaboration efforts with Saudi Arabia in the ‘War Against Terrorism’.


JSM | 8 years ago | Reply

@syed baqar ahsan: Pray tell us as to how a sincere leaderhip will evolve in muslim countries? Concept of Democracy is un-islamic and we hve seen the fate of all other sstems and citizens under these systems in Muslim countires.

syed baqar ahsan | 8 years ago | Reply

"War Against Terror",the reality is-One group of all the intelligence agencies of west covertly trained terrorist and the other overtly start hunting them with full support media blast.All this drama is going on in all the muslim countries in the absence of sincere leadership in all the muslim countries.

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