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While Shahzeb's killers remain on the run, we asked our readers for one suggestion as to how to tackle this issue.

Web Desk December 30, 2012
The deceased young man has become a symbol of change.

The murder of Shahzeb Khan by the sons of feudal landlords has triggered a social movement and debate about how individuals in power can act without accountability.

While Shahzeb's killers remain on the run, we asked our followers on The Express Tribune Facebook page for one suggestion as to how to tackle this issue.

The best replies are below:


Syed Mustafa A few public hangings would put things on track for betterment. Till the time it’s made clear that such acts will not be tolerated by the state, things are bound to remain the same, or get even worse.


Hamza Shams Start a sit down. People tend to ignore the power of the media in such advents. We need a concentrated dedicated effort to the cause.


Zainab Ejaz retributive law should be practiced we don’t need some wordy teaching what we need is a clear and stern example that nobody is above the law.


Habib Paracha Total and complete police reform. No favour should be given to anyone by the police. When people know that the law of the land is supreme and that it will be upheld, weapons or not they will all calm down or pay the price for their transgressions.


Cassim Ahmad Ilyas No matter what are your background, we all are impulsive, personalities. It has to be made a school level training in each level to harmonize the tolerance boasting activities, and perhaps we have to re-organize our parental institution with an ideal plus realistic interventions.


Naveen Raza this is just one another example of something or the other in this country... if you want to change something... change yourself first... how many will you control? How much will you control?? Who give them power? it’s us? So who has to change? US? Educate the country! If you could just educate one person you know around you... change will be slow n gradual but it will be forever...!
Listen than Talk! Act than React! Education is the only enlightenment! Also be a business man or no business man ... there is no law n order in Pakistan... you’ve got to make sure there is one..!


Arsalan Ahmad Fawad there are multiple cultural and prosecution issues that need to be corrected over a long term to prevent such incidents; the only short term solution is to deweaponize pakistan which will to great degree decrease the death rate if not injuries, caused during such quarrels among hot headed people.


Muhammad Abrar Chauhan I would like to appreciate if government apply Nehru type Agriculture policy on landlords...... this will automatically weaken the landlords and law and order will be established.


Mohsin Rehman Police must be free of Political influence.


Hamza Naveed Malik Right to bear arms! This ensures self-defence, because a person with no intention of misusing a weapon will never do so, while if he is attacked, then he would be able to defend himself effectively!


Midhat Shahab Accountability for all, irrespective of status, political influence or position...Make law more powerful and equal for all!


Rabi Imran the best solution is that the government member themselves (i.e.) the feudal himself should punish his son is front of the public and make it a lesson for future as Hazrat Umer did and he punished his son in front of everyone.


Israr Wahid Kaif They say "NIP THE EVIL IN THE BUD" For permanent solutions. Two pronged approach:

1. We should have to denounce this "VIP CULTURE" where carrying guns and having private guards is a sign of might and power. It has taken roots so deep in our culture that we have started to accept it as way of life. During a child upbringing he/she should be taught these things should not be desirable and are actually sign of 'backwardness' and customs of 'dark ages'.

2. The certainty of justice is more important than severity of justice. This is to say supremacy of rule of law for each and everybody. A spoil brat like the one involved in this case commits such heinous crime because they are sure they will dodge the law due to their influence. If there is a perception that LAW will find and PUNISH the criminals, then such events will disappear by themselves.

Until then, it is very likely that many more Shahzebs will die. God helps us all...

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SYED ROOSHAN HAIDER MUSAVI | 8 years ago | Reply

I believe Justice to be at the core of the solution and Up till now we only know of Shazeb's side of story. The Jatoi's and the Talpur's should also get an equal opportunity from the mainstream media as well as social media to clarify their position. That would be justice.Being a rational person ,the story that the media explains is indigestible to me . The media writes that the guards of the feudal's were inappropriately behaving with Shahzeb's sister but this does not explain why Jatoi and Talpur would go and assasinate Shahzeb . It is rational for a guard to fight on behalf of the feudal but it is not rational for a feudal to fight on behalf of his guard .There is definitely some part of the story which is missing. Finally I would like to share some information with my friends who recently joined the bandwagon and kept blaming the "WADERAS". Sikander Jatoi is essentially an Industrialist and a Government Contractor. He did not inherit huge traces of land or any "SARDARY" . So calm down.

Mariam Khan | 8 years ago | Reply

dont make it just another protest....this time we want due justice....hang the culprits publicly without court hearing n dates....eye for an eye justice nothing less nothing more!

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