FIR registered against desecration of Ahmadi graves in Lahore

Over 100 tombstones were desecrated at a graveyard of the Ahmadiyya community in an upscale neighbourhood of Lahore.

Rabia Mehmood December 04, 2012
FIR registered against desecration of Ahmadi graves in Lahore

LAHORE: An FIR was registered in the early hours of Tuesday against the vandalism of over 100 tombstones at an Ahmadi graveyard in Lahore.

The FIR # 1096/12 was registered on instances of trespassing on burial places, punishment for dacoity, mischief and criminial intimidation and trespassing for assault or wrongful restraint.

Earlier, around 12 to 15 men, carrying arms and digging tools, entered the graveyard in Model Town, Q Block, between 1:30am and 1:45am and smashed tombstones of the graves, according to witnesses.

The vandals told the caretakers that Ahmadis, being non-Muslims, were not allowed to write the Kalima or Bismillah on their tombstones.

The armed men tied around 20 people – including visitors and families of the caretakers and the guard – with ropes and locked them up in the living quarters of the graveyard before starting vandalism.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) also condemned the incident and demanded the alleged vandals to be brought to book.


Shamamah | 11 years ago | Reply

"A state can be ruled by disbelieve but can't be ruled without justice", said by Hz.ALI rz.Lets wait and see if a Muslim country can do justice????? Prophet Muhammed saw. did not allowed the humiliation of dead bodies of kafireen,who humiliated the dead body of His uncle. And look at the deeds of these people who claim to be his certified followers.Shame on such Muslims.

Engineer | 11 years ago | Reply

hmmm...FIR...i hope and pray that it goes beyond the status of just an information report..

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