Music comes from my heart: Komal Rizvi

The singer talks about her album release in India.

Sher Khan November 23, 2012


Following her performance in “Coke Studio” season four, singer Komal Rizvi left the audiences in the subcontinent mesmerised with her edgy vocals and ultimately landed her a record deal in India.

In a recent interview with The Express Tribune, she reveals that her next album, Komal, will be releasing November 28 in India. She also plans to return to Pakistan in the near future and release a single called “Jhulay Lal” for her devoted fans.

“We wanted the album to have a certain direction,” says Rizvi, commenting on her latest project. “The sound falls more in the Sufi-folk genre but it also has a bit of a filmy touch to it.” The album contains eight songs and three singles, which will further accompany the album. Following her “Coke Studio” fame, she instantly received an offer from Saregama HMV, one of the biggest record labels in India, to record an album.

With her new album, Rizvi says she has focused on making music she likes. “At the end of the day, music is something which is very personal and I feel everyone has their own preferences,” she says. “This will actually reflect in every song of my album and all I can say is that, it’s from the heart.” Through her music, she wants to show her fans the different sides to her personality. “It’s not necessarily serious music. Some of the songs are and some aren’t — they show different shades of me.”

Commenting on the non-film music scene in India, she says it’s rather unexplored and small in size. However on a more positive note, there are a lot of musicians and singers experimenting in that field regardless. “The film industry is huge, so musicians can afford to experiment with non-Bollywood music and they won’t end up dying of hunger,” she says. While she admits Bollywood is extremely competitive when it comes to playback singers, people are still quite welcoming and as a result, she has signed some projects. “It’s still premature to go into the details of these projects — at least till the films’ release dates are announced,” she reveals.

Rizvi feels India has a more welcoming and positive environment as compared to Pakistan on several levels. “The circumstances in Pakistan’s music industry are quite unstable and therefore even the inexperienced and rather new artists, are not cooperative or friendly,” she admits, adding that this is a result of the insecurity amongst artists in the industry. However, there is a bright side to this as well as she says, “The advantage of being an independent singer here [in Pakistan] is that you can experiment a lot — you don’t have to be stuck with one specific sound.” She enjoys all kinds of genres whether it’s R&B, folk, soul or rock.

As far as exploring other options in her career are concerned, Rizvi says she is interested in acting as well as she has tried her luck at it in the past. “I have thought about it. I was offered a couple of films and a horror TV show as well, but for now I have decided not to do it,” she says. “The reason is, I want to wait till I get a good script — a film with substance. I don’t want to do the family-drama sort of films.”

Published in The Express Tribune, November 24th, 2012.

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naz jalil | 8 years ago | Reply

i find it really quite un necessary and wrong for people to start picking on young pakistani artists. sure any statement can be argued upon but there really is no need to get personal and demeaning . i can bet none of you have ever heard komal actually sing other than once on tv. komal rizvi is an extremely talented young lady with lovely voice quality and great range, she is also an amazing performer and knows how to hold the crowed. carry on the good work komal, we wish you every success, both in and out of pakistan.

Hassaan | 8 years ago | Reply

duh nobody cares !! we all know that she's a flop artist

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