Balochistan unrest: Bomb blast in Zhob kills two FC personnel

Explosives reportedly placed inside belongings of suspects arrested earlier from border.

Web Desk November 16, 2012

QUETTA: Two Frontier Corps (FC) personnel were killed in an explosion near the FC headquarters in Zhob district of Balochistan, Express News reported on Friday.

The FC personnel had arrested two suspects from the Pak-Afghan border the previous night and were taking them to the headquarters for interrogation when the blast occurred.

The explosives were reportedly inside the belongings of the suspects.

Both FC personnel were killed on the spot while their vehicle was destroyed.

There was no information on the suspects being killed or injured.

Violence has surged in the province this year and human rights activists have raised concerns about an increase in targeted killings.

The FC have been a target of many attacks this year, most frequently on Saryab Road in Quetta.

Earlier, a bicycle bomb apparently targeting security forces killed two people and injured nine others, including Frontier Corps (FC) personnel with 5kg explosives.


MK | 8 years ago | Reply


Zhob is NOT Baluch, it is a Pashtun city. They will ask for their own independence from a "Free Baluchistan". About 50% of Baluchistan is Baluchi-Braui speaking. Approximately 45% of Baluchistan Population is Pashtun and 5% speak other languages, such as Sindhi and Farsi. Naming a Pashtun-inhabited territory as British Balochistan was an extension of the British ‘divide and rule’ strategy. It has been confessed by orientalists like Sir Olaf Caroe that British Balochistan was a sheer misnomer for the Pashtun areas. More Baluchi speaking people live in Sindh and Punjab individually.

So about 2 thirds of Baluch people live outside of Baluchistan,and in Baluchistan it self they are just under half of the total population. It is better to divide all the provinces into smaller units and give them real autonomy and control of their resources.

But real issue mentioned here in this article is a blast in Zhob. It is failure of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies that they failed to prevent a blast.

hasan | 8 years ago | Reply

we seem to be same mistake as in east pak, by using force.... lets hope for a free and independent baloch land, which will put an end to this menace. Nothing can be gained by force, as we lost all wars with india, lost all relations in afghan, lost half country in east pakistan, but our army still wants to play games. May allah give peace and lets us all work towards a free baloch land!

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