Malala Day: HRCP urges education reform in Pakistan

HRCP says Pakistani govt should ensure that all children, especially girls, have equal opportunities for education.

Ppi November 09, 2012

PESHAWAR: While hailing the UN decision to declare November 10 as Malala Day, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has called upon the government and the people of Pakistan to rise to the challenge the worldwide tribute to the young girl from Swat presents them with. 

In a statement issued on Friday the commission said, "The people of Pakistan have reason to take pride in the fact that the whole world will be joining them in a tribute to Malala, who has been accepted as a symbol of girls' aspiration to receive education and of their courage to stand up for this right. But the distinction the brave girl from Swat has won for her country brings with it serious challenges to the Pakistani state and its society both.”

HRCP charged the Pakistani government with the task of ensuring that all children, girls in particular, have equal opportunities to acquire quality education, free up to the level constitutionally required to be free, and at affordable cost otherwise.

The commission adds that redoubled efforts must be made not only to realise the Millennium Development Goals related to education and girls' other rights but also for the launch of imaginatively drawn-up and workable plans to implement Article 25-A under which the children's right to universal and free schooling has at last been accepted.

The HRCP also stated, "Today, Pakistan has to take a vow that it will make every effort, and bear every sacrifice, necessary to ensure that that each of its girls will be enabled to share Malala's dream and convictions and escape the pain and suffering that have fallen to her lot. If this cannot be done the Malala Day will only be an occasion for Pakistanis to invite condemnation as a horde of hypocrites determined to destroy their future.”


karma | 9 years ago | Reply

World embraces Malala and her cause. But, I think Majority in Pakistan somehow aren't too enthusiastic. :(

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