Iqbal’s message: ‘Ishq brings you closer to God’

Iqbal taught that love is a great power that brings you closer to God, says renowned scholar.

Ppi November 09, 2012

KARACHI: Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology organized Iqbal Day to highlight the work of Dr Muhammad Iqbal.

Renowned scholar Professor Dr Waqar Ahmed Rizvi said Iqbal focused on love (Ishq) in his poetry and he took it as a great power that brings an individual closer to God.

Paying tribute to Iqbal's achievements, ZA Nizami, Chancellor Sir Syed University said "Doctor Muhammad Iqbal was both a great poet and a serious thinker at the same time. Most of Allama Iqbal's writings were devoted to a revival of Islam as he endeavored to propagate pan-Islamism, and advocate multi-nationalism in Islam.”

Chancellor Nizami said Iqbal's mission was to secure a vision of the spirit of Islam and he [Iqbal] encouraged Muslims to live a life following the true principles of Islam. “He tried to free the Muslim mind from the prevailing colonial mentality and from Muslims' own narrow self-interests”, he said.

Columnist Saeed Siddiqui, senior Aligarian Ali Zafar Khan Afridi also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the effective role Iqbal's poetry played in the movement of Pakistan.

Students of Sir Syed University Umar Khan Ufaq and Umar Ali Kazmi while delivering their speeches on Dr Iqbal urged people to follow the philosophy of Iqbal if the nation intended to grow.

Noted poet Khumar Farooqui paid poetic tribute to Allama Dr Muhammad Iqbal.


debal | 10 years ago | Reply


The world is bigger than Pakistan.

Cynical | 10 years ago | Reply

He deserved the Nobel prize. But apparently the CIA, RAW, MOSAD AND M16 put the spanner.

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