Media watch: Sect, security and blame

Local media discuss the problems behind sectarian violence such as the Lahore blasts, and suggest steps to be taken.

Ali Syed September 03, 2010

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Sectarian carnage

It is quite clear that we need to go after sectarian groups like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi far more forcefully than we have done so far. The failure to do so, despite the promises made by the interior minister, is directly responsible for the sorry state we are in today. We need emergency action to prevent a further distortion of values and ideals in Pakistan. This is more difficult today than would have been the case, say, ten or fifteen years ago, when the cancer of sectarianism first took root. It has now grown to assume the form of a giant monster. (

Sectarian violence

To foil their mission of further destabilising an already battered nation, politicians of every hue must be on the same page irrespective of their ideology or affiliation. There is no room here for playing politics, for the opposition scoring points at the expense of the government and vice versa. The enemy here is common to all and it cannot be tackled effectively without a united front. (

The shame of it

That Muslims and religious processions are targeted in an Islamic country is shameful and it is simply not enough to declare that those carrying out such acts “cannot be Muslims” when we know full well that they also lay claim to being of this faith. (

Terror strikes again

The police, considering their many failings, cannot be completely absolved of their disastrous role in ensuring the safety of the crowds but it must be said that in cases such as these, we are holding the torch a little too high. It is ridiculous to assume that when so many people are gathered together in an open space, there will be no room left for a determined terrorist to find an attack position. (


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