Another schoolgirl from Swat faces threats from Taliban: Report

Hina Khan says she is receiving threats even after moving to Islamabad.

Web Desk October 22, 2012

Following the deadly attack on child rights activist Malala Yousafzai, another schoolgirl from Swat, Hina Khan, is claiming to have received threats from the Taliban for speaking against them, reported on Monday.

According to the report, the family is worried because no steps have been taken to provide protection to the girl despite several requests for security.

Hina, a student of grade 11, had publicly denounced the acts of the Taliban in 2009. She also held a press conference in 2008 after she got to know that the Taliban were becoming further intolerant towards girls seeking education.

Hina told on Monday that she had left Swat due to security concerns but she fears that she won’t be able to attend school even in Islamabad as she has been continuously receiving threats.

The girl’s father Raitullah Khan told the English daily that his wife Farhat, a social worker, has also started receiving threatening calls since August this year. A few days ago, Raitullah found a red cross painted over his gate but he removed it only to find it re-painted again the next day, the report said.

The next day, he claimed, that he received a call which said that Hina will be next after Malala.

Farhat said that she has personally contacted Interior Minister Rehman Malik and has sent an application to the interior ministry but has received no response. She claimed that the family had moved to Islamabad in 2006 after receiving threats and had been changing residences in Islamabad frequently.


Juju | 8 years ago | Reply

Need to get rid of Zia-ul-haq's children, not biological but political and ideological. Either they thrive and wipe us out, or we thrive and wipe them out! The attack on Malala shows no middle ground can be reached

p.s. The recent SC ruling also proves which party was the establishment's child and heir to Zia-ul-haq's throne/mindset

Syed Jodat Kazmi | 8 years ago | Reply

I request not to declare these fanatic people as non Muslim, this is the disgrace of the other religions. They are all mindless barbarians that's it. Jodat Kazmi

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