Malala deserves Nobel Peace Prize: Angelina Jolie

The Hollywood celebrity has joined the growing number of voices speaking in support of Malala.

News Desk October 18, 2012

American actor and former UN goodwill ambassador for refugees Angelina Jolie has urged the Nobel Peace Prize awarding committee to give “serious consideration” to “brave” Malala Yousafzai.

The Hollywood celebrity has joined the growing number of voices speaking in support of Malala, the 14-year-old girl who was shot by the Taliban for promoting girls education in Swat.

In an article published by the Daily Beast, Jolie wrote: “I felt compelled to share Malala’s story with my children. It was difficult for them to comprehend a world where men would try to kill a child whose only “crime” was the desire that she and others like her be allowed to go to school.”

Jolie wrote: “Still trying to understand, my children asked, “Why did those men think they needed to kill Malala?” I answered, “because an education is a powerful thing.

“The shots fired on Malala struck the heart of the nation, and as the Taliban refuse to back down, so too do the people of Pakistan.”

She was of the view that Malala was proof that it takes only the voice of one brave person to inspire numerous men, women and children.

“As girls across Pakistan stand up to say “I am Malala,” they do not stand alone,” Jolie asserted in her article.

Lauding Malala for her feats achieved at such a small age, Jolie said: “As the Nobel Committee meets to determine the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, I imagine brave Malala will be given serious consideration.”

Published in The Express Tribune, October 18th, 2012.


Mo Heon | 8 years ago | Reply

Dear , Love Pak , I respect your feeling and logic.You may be right saying Nobel prize has western polish , at least you have to accept Malala has great job and she should be encouraged . Giving prize to Malala means not prizing a teenage girl but prizing the revolution against injustice to Islam girls .Let's all give up prejudice and go beyond any religion and countries and fight against our social evils. Rigidness spoils the goodness.

Abdul Rahman Khan | 8 years ago | Reply

We appreciate your gesture and concern for malala. You are a true humanist Angelia and, holding you in high esteem, we know you have adopted children from the backward countries for their education and upbringing in a healthy environment. God bless Malala and you for your noble gestures.

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