Taliban attack: Malala out of immediate danger

K-P govt announces Rs10m award for identity of terrorists.

Manzoor Ali October 10, 2012

PESHAWAR: As the nation waited with bated breath through most of Tuesday, doctors treating peace icon Malala Yousafzai announced on Wednesday that her condition was ‘satisfactory’ following a three-and-a-half-hour surgery.

The operation, which took place at a military hospital in Peshawar, was successful in extracting the bullet from her body. The 14-year-old child activist from Swat was airlifted  to the hospital after initially receiving treatment at Saidu Sharif Hospital.

A senior doctor who was part of the team that operated on Malala told The Express Tribune on condition of anonymity that “earlier, she was under observation and her condition was stable; however, later I got a call from the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in the middle of night saying the patient’s condition was deteriorating, which forced us to go for surgery around 2 am.”

“Her condition is satisfactory following the surgery,” he added. However, he parried a question about shifting Malala abroad for treatment, saying he was not in a position to comment on this.

Malik’s statement

Interior Minister Rehman Malik who paid a visit to CMH told reporters at the Peshawar airport that Malala’s condition was out of danger and that a decision to send her abroad for treatment has been postponed.

“She is gradually recovering,” Malik said, adding that doctors have put her under observation for 48 hours.

He said that security personnel would be assigned to ensure Malala’s safety. In addition, passports for her and her family have been prepared ‘in case of an emergency’. An airport official also said “A PIA plane which reached Peshawar earlier on Wednesday is on standby, and all necessary medical facilities have been provided on this plane,” in case she needs to be flown out in an emergency.

Contrary to a statement made by the provincial authorities, Malik claimed that Malala’s attackers had been identified, adding: “We will not let them escape.”

K-P govt initiative

While the interior minister seemed to be aware of who the culprits behind the attack were, the K-P government announced a Rs10 million reward for anyone who was able to identify the attackers. Provincial Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain told the media, “The identity of those identifying persons involved in the Malala attack will not be revealed.”

Hussain also confirmed that “There is no need, now, to take her (Malala) to any foreign country for treatment, the doctors say,” at least for the time being.

He appealed to the nation to pray for her health. “Malala has become a voice for peace which cannot be choked till Doomsday,” the emotionally charged minister said. He added that while his government believed in negotiations, the time had now come to face terrorists with unanimity of purpose.


A probe was also initiated on Wednesday into the attack. Security forces apprehended a number of people including Malala’s school teacher, the school watchman and the driver of the van which was targeted. They were taken to an undisclosed location. In all, 200 suspects have been rounded up so far, although several were released after initial interrogations.

The investigation team along with security forces visited the crime scene as well as Malala’s school to collect evidence. Security has been beefed up in the area in wake of the assassination attempt.

A student accompanying Malala in the ill-fated van, identified as Shazia, who was also shot, has been shifted to a hospital in Peshawar due to her critical condition. Shazia was shot in the leg. The injured girl’s parents are paying for her hospital expenses themselves.

Speaking to reporters at the press briefing, White House spokesperson Jay Carney said that the US has offered any necessary assistance to Malala. “As part of this offer, the US military has agreed to provide air ambulance and medical treatment at a facility suitable for her condition if it becomes necessary.” WITH ADDITIONAL REPORTING BY ABDUR RAUF IN PESHAWAR AND HAZRAT ALI IN SWAT

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Published in The Express Tribune, October 11th, 2012.


Shaheen A | 9 years ago | Reply

Attack on Malaala is condemnable & every Pakistani wants her to get well ,but two impotent things are missing from all the media hype & discussions.

1- The attack was carried out by 'Pakistan Tehreek e Taliban' an outfit completely separate & disowned by Afghan Taliban, This PTT is working to damage strategic assets of Pakistan like the P3 Orion & AWACS air crafts worth billions of dollars, killing army personnel’s & innocent civilians, all serving no interests of Afghans & Afghan Talibaans. We must ask our self who is the beneficiary of all this? Who is the beneficiary of a weak & destabilized Pakistan? Isn't it those who came from thousands of miles to wage war against Afghans, or our neighbor from east aspiring to become a super power. the answer to both questions is YES! It is not the Taalibaan but PTT who are nothing but touts of our enemies who are responsible, a fact which must be highlighted by our media

2- Hasn't this Malaala issue with associated media hype over-shadowed & suppressed the protests against the film insulting the whole Muslim Ummah? The sad answer is again YES!

Isn't it a shame that our media, our politicians, & our so called 'civil society' have fallen head over heels into this trap to become instruments in the hands of those who want to damage Pakistan, & who want to malign Islam & Muslims. It is time for us to wake up & open our eyes to recognize our real external as well as internal enemies.

A J Khan | 9 years ago | Reply

May God grant her early recovery. Ameen. Talibani cult is based on deep public humiliation, injury and disgrace. They do not believe in human dignity, quality of life. They need pliant human bodies (Just the meat portion) without soul who would submit to them rather than the One and Only, the Creator, the Rehman and Rahim. They promote public contempt. Their belief is based on hate, violence and intimidation. Those who support their belief is not amongst the followers of this great religion of peace, where the religion takes it birth from Word Iqra, and where the day start with the praise of Rehman and Rahim.

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