Imran Khan happy with Waziristan peace march

PTI chairman says turning back from the Waziristan border was not a failure.

Ema Anis October 08, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan expressed content over his party’s peace rally which tried to march into Waziristan to protest against US drone strikes.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Khan said that turning back from the Waziristan border was not a failure as he himself did not want the participants to be in the area at night.

“Fear was instilled among the participants. First it was said that there will be six suicide blasts, then the number was raised to nine. There were even rumours that the drinking water in Waziristan has been poisoned,” Khan laughed and said that if any unfortunate incident had happened during the rally, then it would have given a worse impression of Pakistan tribal areas.

Thanking all rally participants, his party workers, journalists and the tribal people, Khan said that this was the first time anyone had gone to the tribal areas to ask about the people. “All the parties which criticised me, I want to ask their leaders to at least go to DI Khan and see in what conditions the people are living there. Ask how they are alive.”

Khan also narrated the story of a drone attack victim whose son was killed in a strike and his family was injured. A friend of the boy who was killed, who was studying electrical engineering at Khan’s Namal University, went to Ghaznavi and carried out a suicide blast against the US, Khan added telling how drones end up making more terrorists.


Imran R | 9 years ago | Reply

Nawaz & zardari have made it a family business by keeping power in they families. Soon it will be run with zardari son & so on. Giving up this powerful chair that they seat on & control Pakistan for self interest only is very hard, which we all can see, but not the ordinary Pakistani.

So keep on voting the same dogs in, & don't complain wen u get treat like one.

Long live I Khan (new leader) inshallah

Logic Europe | 9 years ago | Reply @IS: you are surprised because you don't know the truth, you listen to allegation by people who themselves are CORUPT and or paid agents . Nomone is honest not even chief justice who has not given any explanation to allegations against himself People of Pakistan know who is there to look after them ,they will make a choice but people like loud mouth Imran and two shareefs will not be among their favourites
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