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Saba Khalid October 06, 2012

Why we want to be besties with Jessa Johansson from “Girls”

Remember that one girl in high school? The one you worshipped and despised, wanted to be and hated to see — that’s Jessa Johansson (played by actor Jemima Kirke) from “Girls” for me. This nomadic dreamer with a hippie heart is more messed up than Charlie Sheen. She drives men insane (the look on her employer’s face while she slowly applied red lipstick was classic). She wears completely impractical clothing for every occasion (remember her dressed up as a geisha for a date?). Yet, she still manages to get it right every time! How?

The British accent

Admit it, you want one too! Even something like, “I need to go potty” sounds multilayered, high-brow and insightful when said in that cool accent.

She makes skinny look stupid

She’s anything but skinny but you’d be stupid to call her fat. She’s got the best of both worlds — a booty big enough to be shaken and cheekbones sharp enough to slash a tyre.

She doesn’t dress to fit in

How many times do I rethink an outfit before stepping out, take off one accessory in the car because it jingles too much and rub out my purple eyeliner in my cubicle because its too much for work? But Jessa — NEVER! She’s as forthright about her choices in fashion as she is about her choice in men!

A nomad who looks it everyday

Even when she’s strolling through the streets of New York, Jessa’s oversized rings and hats make you wonder if she’s a royal princess who ran away to live with an African tribe.

Her name. Jessica + Tessa = Jessa

Who wants to be a Marney or Hannah, when you can be a Jessa?

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, October 7th, 2012.

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curious | 9 years ago | Reply

sorry don't know her, who is she?

Saba khalid | 9 years ago | Reply


Shoshana is a character on Girls who is in love with Jessa. What I meant to say and what was edited out was:

Here are a few reasons why we"re totally ""shoshana""" for Jessa. She"s anything but Shoshana

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