Pakistani Taliban offer security for Imran Khan's S Waziristan rally: Report

We endorse Imran Khan’s plea that drone strikes are against our sovereignty, says Taliban spokesperson.

Web Desk October 02, 2012

In a meeting of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) headed by leader Hakimullah Mehsud, the outfit set aside its earlier plans to send suicide bombers to assassinate Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan, during his visit to South Waziristan for a “peace march”, The Telegraph reported Tuesday.

The UK-based daily quoted senior commanders of TTP as saying that the group noted Khan’s vehement opposition to US drone strikes against militants in its territory “as it reversed course to offer security assistance.”

A Taliban spokesperson said, “We are ready to provide them security if they need. We endorse Imran Khan’s plea that drone strikes are against our sovereignty. The anti-drone rallies should have been taken out by the religious leaders long ago but Imran had taken the lead and we would not harm him or his followers.”

During a press conference on Sunday, the PTI chief had claimed that the Mehsud, Burki and Bhittani tribes of Waziristan had assured him of providing security to participants of the rally.

Earlier, the TTP had criticised Khan’s statement in which he had called himself a “liberal”. The Pakistani Taliban contended that by classifying himself as a liberal, Imran Khan had proved that he was a slave of the Western powers — especially the US and Europe. The organisation held that they were not satisfied with his policies.

Some areas of the Mehsud tribe, during the military action against the Taliban in the north-western belt of the country, had become deserted but residents of some of these areas near Tank had returned to their homes during the last two years.

Reportedly, these areas are peaceful now and Khan’s party has chosen one of these areas called Kot Kai for his rally. His party is scheduled to leave Dera Ismail Khan and will head towards Kot Kai on October 7.


Flowing Khan | 8 years ago | Reply

@Pakistani: couldn't agree more with you brother....stay blessed

Flowing Khan | 8 years ago | Reply

@Uza Syed: Don't confuse talibans with tribals of waziristan.....not every person living there is a talib.....yes if someone in their family gets killed by drone attacks flown from pakistani base..yes they would turn havoc against everyone and anyone without realizing they are innocent or is all but natural to react in that way for the loss of their dear ones against such strikes.....put yourself in their shoes for a brief moment.....we, being the arm chair critics, living in some cosmopolitan city cannot comprehend what the tribals are going is quite easy for us to question the efforts of imran....i always hear or come across people who criticize imran more than any other corrupt politician....Actually we have grown accustomed to corruption in every walk of life and we don't want to get out of this mess and if someone takes a leap and shows us the way out of this mess we rather discourage them. We Pakistanis have a dirty history and we deserve to be in this mess untill we really help ourselves to get out of this mire. In the end, i must say that i didn't want to offend anyone but i truly hope and pray that people of pakistan should rise like a nation and put an end to the corruption and every other act that disgrace our mother land...Ameen

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