PML-N, PPP gradually losing popularity

A majority of people believe the PML-N and PPP are functioning with an agenda based on wealth and conspiracies.

Kashif Zafar August 30, 2010

BAHAWALPUR: The popularity of leading political parties of the country appears to be declining as many are left with disappointment and dejection, according to a survey carried out by The Express Tribune in Bahawalpur.

According to the survey, a majority of people believe that Pakistan Mulsim League – Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is functioning with an agenda based on wealth and conspiracies.

They claimed that PPP Bahawalpur has had no contact even with its workers leaving way for discouragement.

According to the survey, some alleged a number of local PPP leaders including Malik Habibullah Bhutta and Safdar Shahbaz have started to establish new links with the Bahawalpur Province movement forces – a clear proof of the care-free attitude of the local, provincial and central PPP leadership.

PML-N Bahawalpur also appeared to be at the disapproving end of the survey. The recent reorganisational process of the PML-N has further widened the differences between the sincere workers and the dominant group of the party.

Those surveyed believed that PML-N Bahawalpur has inducted a small group of those ‘nearer and dearer’, establishing a monopoly that will ultimately ruin the party image. Many people were also of the view that those at the top previously had close ties with the aides of Gen Pervez Musharraf and Chaudhry brothers.

Supporters of PML-N have appealed to Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif to conduct an open survey in order to recognise public opinion about the people running the party affairs, to resolve the differences within the local leadership to strengthen and unite the party.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 30th, 2010.


Nimr | 11 years ago | Reply PPP is the one that seems to be gaining the most. It does not end here. Next elections will be the first elections after 1977, where PPP will be having a regime conducting the elections that would not be bent on destroying PPP. More so, unlike 1977, this time PPP is friends with many a political parties rather than a foe. Above all, thanks to its politics of reconciliation, PPP is the only party in position to do local seat adjustments with any party. It has done seat adjustments with PML-N, PML-Q, ANP, PTI, PKMAP, Baloch Nationalist. Parties and JUI in the by-elections. It also has not burnt its bridges with PML-Musharraf, MQM and JI. These factors are strengthening its position in the power structure of the country. One of the causes of concern for PML-N should be the strengthening of PML-Q which has seen its worst in last general elections and has managed to survive, and can only go up from here. More so, the local alliances between Q and PPP are proving real thorny for PML-N. I won’t agree if one say that PPP is gradually losing popularity, this could be true for PML(N) or other parties in light of result of last by-elections held in Bahawalpur but not for PPP.
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