Anti-Islam film: As Muslim world erupts, PTA scrambles to block video

Offensive clip taken off by YouTube; Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan lodge strong protests.

Our Correspondents September 13, 2012


After protests erupted across the Middle East and Afghanistan blocked video sharing website and social media network YouTube, the site took off “Innocence of Muslims”, a film that claims to take a satirical view of Muslims and Islam.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) officials confirmed that they had received information about the video and had received directions from the Ministry of Information Technology on Wednesday afternoon to block the video.

“We started blocking the video within 10 minutes of receiving instructions from the ministry [of information technology],” a senior official at the PTA, who did not wish to be named, told The Express Tribune.

Explaining the action further, he said that operators were proactively working to block the offending video “wherever it appears” on the Internet.

Meanwhile, the foreign ministry condemned the airing of the video clip in the US, saying it maligned the ‘revered and pious personality of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’ on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11 attacks.

“Such abominable actions, synchronised with commemoration of atrocious events like 9/11, provoke hatred, discord and enmity within societies and between peoples of various faiths,” said a statement issued by the foreign ministry.

Hundreds of protesters had stormed the US embassy in Cairo on Wednesday to protest news that a 13 minute clip of the two hour film, by Californian filmmaker Sam Bacile, would be screened at a church in Florida along with being streamed live on their website.

On Wednesday, the US ambassador to Libya and three other US embassy staff members were killed when infuriated protesters attacked the US embassy in Benghazi.

The film, made in 2011, was partly available on YouTube with short 90 second-long trailers and an 11 minute clip from the film. YouTube removed the longer version and a message now greets viewers reading: “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.”

The Afghan government on Wednesday banned YouTube from the country for the first time to prevent people from watching the anti-Islam film.

“Following instructions by the ministry of information and culture, the ministry of communication has ordered all service providers to block YouTube access,” communications ministry official Aimal Marjan told AFP.

He said the block had been ordered “until YouTube removes this abusive film”.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s powerful Muslim Brotherhood called for nationwide protests Friday against the film.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, condemned the film which it described as “a racist crime and a failed attempt to provoke sectarian strife between the two elements of the nation: Muslims and Christians.”


Published in The Express Tribune, September 13th, 2012.


Aly | 9 years ago | Reply did anyone stop to realize that by making a whole fuss about this movie and blocking youtube - we are driving attention to this low budget movie anyway. Sam Bacile is probably going to make millions cause we drove attention to his stupid movie. the movie wasnt for the muslim world blocking youtube here wont make much of a difference. whoever wants to watch the trailor or the movie will find a way to get their hands on it.
just a human | 9 years ago | Reply

After this film was published why the answer is a protest that included killing. Why is killing and burning the first option. I agree that the film is disrespectful nut u think allah is going to like man slaughter in his name? No individual is a minority its just how you percieveurself to be. Apart from killing more people what else are these protests really getting at? If the guy who made the film is shallow protestors killing people are worse. Tht guy dint do good to humanity. People protesting are no different. Why kill innocent people? People hurting peoplessentiments and people killing innocent people in the name of god because their sentiments are hurt should all be ashamed.

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