Pakistan’s human cockroaches (III)

Tarring the whole nation with a black brush does not serve any purpose.

Letter August 26, 2010

LEICESTER, UK: Tarring the whole nation with a black brush does not serve any purpose. We need to rationally analyse the episode and to try to find the real reasons behind this sordid incident. Opposing an emotional outburst with one of our own, as the writer has done, is not the answer.

Many brutal acts are happening in many different parts of the world. But they do not blame the whole nation for the act of a few individuals. We have to closely examine and diagnose the malaise and come with treatment rather than throwing in the towel as a nation. This act is surely not a representative of the thinking of the whole Pakistani nation. For every scoundrel, there is a hero. We have just to find and nurture them. A nation of 180 million people can’t be pushed into the dustbin for the evil act of a few individuals. A tiny minority of extremists, bigots and morons certainly does not represent me and millions of other Pakistanis who are peaceful, rational, just, dignified, intelligent, honest and magnanimous.

Muhammad Ilyas Khan

Published in The Express Tribune, August 29th, 2010.


Mariam Shafqat | 11 years ago | Reply so far around 33, 500 people have joined this group "we want justice for butt brothers" on facebook and the number is ever increasing yes i cannot speak for all of them ........but it is safe to assume that a large chunk of our educated mass wants "justice'" and yet the idea of justice they have in mind is seriously flawed, uncivilized and out of the bounds of law !
-Farid | 11 years ago | Reply @Mariam: You mean 99% of the people you have met or whose status updates or blogs you have read, or the few dozen talk shows you might have watched. As the writer points out, correctly, there are 180 Million people in Pakistan - you cannot possibly be speaking for all of them.
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