Medical report says blasphemy-accused girl not mentally ill: Activist

Christ­ian activi­st, who met blasph­emy accuse­d girl in prison, says she is frightened, traumatised.

Reuters/web Desk/qaiser Zulfiqar August 23, 2012

ISLAMABAD: A Christian activist, who met the 11-year-old Christian girl accused of blasphemy, has seen a medical report which states that the girl has no mental illness.

Christian activist Xavier William said he visited Rimsha at a police station where she was first held, and then this week in a prison in the city of Rawalpindi.

Rimsha, a young Christian girl who reportedly has Down’s Syndrome, was accused of burning pages from a children’s religious instruction book containing verses from the Holy Quran.

Rimsha is in a prison where she is being held in solitary confinement for her safety, the activist told Reuters.

"She was frightened and traumatised,” William said.

"She was assaulted and in very bad shape. She had bruises on her face and on her hands," he added, referring to a mob that attacked her after she was accused of blasphemy.

"She is in solitary confinement at Adiala jail because of her safety," said William. "She would not make eye contact. She did not say anything. She did not answer back."

NGO moves bail application

World Vision in Progress Foundation - a non-governmental organisation - moved a bail application before the Islamabad session court on Thursday for an 11-year-old Christian girl arrested on charges of blasphemy.

The hearing for the case is scheduled to begin on August 28.

Rimsha’s case has prompted concern from Western governments andanger from rights groups, who say the blasphemy law is abused in personal disputes and should be reformed.

President Asif Ali Zardari also took notice of the incident and sought a detailed report from interior ministry.

The incident has sent a chill wind of fear through the 500 Christian families who live in Mehrabad, a poor suburb of Islamabad where Rimsha lives.


Elizabeth Laine | 11 years ago | Reply

I am astounded from multifactorial standpoints. First as a Christian and second as a former citizen of the region. Islam shares the OLD TESTAMENT and so the 10 Commandments. The 9th states not to bear false witness against a neighbour. Of course it is well known what they did to our Lord. But we serve a risen Lord. He is with Rishma and for her. The God of Israel is our God and their Allah. This girl has embraced the Son of that God. She is a child with a handicap. How desperate the muslims are who accuse her? Christians pray for her deliverance. This is a global call to prayer warfare. Heed it and join me. With one voice to the Holy One Yodh He Waw He in the Name of His only begotten son Yeshua called Jesus, deliver Rishma out of her captors hands, free to serve Christ! Amen.

Ali | 11 years ago | Reply

@1984 well saudi arab does not promote hatred towards Christianity whereas USA does everything that hurt all muslims

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