Eid security: Public parks closed across Punjab

Public parks closed to the public from 9:30pm onwards in light of security threats.

Nabil Ansari August 21, 2012

All parks in the metropolitan cities of Punjab including Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad were ordered to be closed to the public from 9:30pm onwards in light of security threats emanating on Eidul Fitr holidays, reported ExpressNews.

In the city of Karachi however, Roshan Ali, Commissioner Karachi, denied that public parks were being closed down. He stated that all public recreational outlets would remain open till their specified operating hours.

Earlier today, Police evacuated the Karachi zoo after receiving an alert from the zoo officials about a bomb threat. However, the bomb disposal squad swept the area and found no bomb.

On the eve of Eidul Fitr, all mobile phone services in different areas of Pakistan were blocked for around 12 hours in order to avoid terrorist attacks.


Imran Con | 11 years ago | Reply

There is absolutely no point in doing things like this. Well, nothing positive. It's comparable to hiding and submission letting them control your lives and take away things you enjoy. Any security agency should be embarrassed as well. But, that's beside the point. There's no point in doing it because they don't go to parks because they like parks. It's because parks contain groups of people. Their target will be anywhere people gather. Instead of taking away from your people you should be protecting them. Protecting is not the same as sheltering in this context. It's smarter to leave things like parks alone and if you have reason to believe they might attract the "bad guys" it's the perfect time for you to... oh I dunno... Have your security forces do their job which is spotting and dealing with them. That's how you make your people safer. You actually do something about the actual perpetrators. Not just delay them for 10 minutes while they think up an alternate target, and it's not too hard considering their only requirement is to find a group of things that are still breathing.

Yunus jamal | 11 years ago | Reply

Seems like being a laughter trick....Even a lay-men craving for ''Cheap-Media-Attention" can dress up in a coat or any fluffy attire and claim to be a suicide bomber.......Then what would happen for the cost of a hand-ful of punches,he would be aquitted ....and thus the thrill would come to an end!!!!!!!!!1

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