Bring middle-class Hindus into politics: Wali Ram Wallabh

Says Hindus living in depression and with a sense of insecurity since partition.

Ashok Sharma August 18, 2012


Opportunist Hindus are in politics but the middle-class Hindu has been kept away from it, said renowned Sindh writer and intellectual Wali Ram Wallabh while speaking to Sindh Express.

“It is the need of the hour to correct the political system,” he suggested. “Reserved seats should be abolished. A proper system should be introduced to ensure social harmony.”

Hindus are migrating and are also going for ‘Yatra’ to India, he commented. They have been living in depression and with a sense of insecurity since the partition of the sub-continent, he said.

“Sindhi Hindus are not independent socially and they face problems getting education and jobs,” he added. “A common Hindu is denied participation in political and social activities. These conditions are not stable.”

Wallabh said that Hindus had been migrating for several years but that the issue came to the surface when they started leaving in groups. “Hindus do not live by their own wishes. They even can’t run their businesses according to their own will because they need to see protection from local influentials.”

Published in The Express Tribune, August 18th, 2012.

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