Kayani denies joint military operation in N Waziristan

Army chief meets US Centcom Commander, says Pakistan will not launch operation as a result of 'outside pressure'.

Web Desk August 17, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Chief on Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has categorically denied US media reports which stated that Pakistan was launching joint operations in the North Waziristan Agency.

In a statement released by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Friday, Kayani clarified Pakistan’s position in response to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s statement of July 3, 2012 in which she said talked of “coordinated actions against terrorists who threaten Pakistan and the region”.

The ISPR statement said, “It is important to distinguish between ‘coordinated action’ and ‘joint operation’.

“‘Coordinated action’ implies that the Pakistan Army and Isaf conduct operation on respective sides of the Pak-Afghan Border. For such actions, intelligence sharing is the mainstay of mutual cooperation. Contrarily, a ‘joint operation’ implies that the two forces are physically employed jointly on either side of the border. A ‘joint operation’ in this sense is unacceptable to the people and the armed forces of Pakistan, hence, has always been our clearly stated red line.”

Kayani reiterated that Pakistan might undertake operations in North Waziristan determined by the political and military requirements but it will never be a result of any “outside pressure”.

“Pakistan’s national interest continues to be the prime consideration for any decision in this regard,” the ISPR statement said.

According to the statement, Kayani dispelled the US reports during a meeting with Commander US Centcom General James N Mattis in Islamabad, in which both sides discussed matters of mutual interest and expressed satisfaction over the level of cooperation between the two militaries.

On Monday, US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta had told AP news agency that Pakistan had decided to launch a military operation against the Pakistani Taliban in North Waziristan but the campaign was not against the Haqqani network.


Bashy Quraishy | 11 years ago | Reply

Thank you General Kayani for refusing to carry out a joint military operation in N Waziristan as well as telling the Americans that Pakistan would take actions against Taliban when and where its national interests will suit the situation. USA still thinks that it can order Pakstan around to fight its war on terror while its own mighty war machine along with NATO forces could not defeat a ragtag army of few thousans Afghans freedom fighters. President Musharaf in a BBC debate proram also pointed to USA why it was unable to intercept the socalled Haqqani soldiers when they can easily reach Kabul. The fact of the matter is that USA is using the unrest in Afghanistan to help extremists in Pakistan to attack Pakistani targets and eventually find an excuse to launch an attack on the land. If this happens, USA will learn a befitting lessson which it has not learnt in other countries yet!

Khaleej | 11 years ago | Reply

After seeing an intense negative response from within the Armed forces and public opinion on NW operations, Kyani is now on the defensive and has resorted to deceiving public opinion and armed forces by issuing such statements. ISPR, We do not need explanations between Coordinated and joint operation because politically it means the same. Dont fool us with English. Looks like US stooges in Mil and Civilian leadership will are on the back foot and Inshalah this pressure will be another blow to US in this region.

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