Murder attempt: Woman held for trying to kill ‘paramour’s’ wife, newborn

Says he had promised to marry her after she killed the two.

Owais Jafri August 11, 2012


Bahauddin Zakariya police have arrested a woman who, they say, has confessed to trying to kill the wife and daughter of her paramour.

Nazish Bibi, the suspect, claimed that Muhammad Jawwad had promised to marry her if she killed his wife, Ruqayya Bibi, and their newborn daughter.

According to the FIR, Nazish Bibi shot Ruqaya Bibi at the latter’s home on Friday morning. She was overpowered before she could shoot the child.

Ruqayya Bibi was taken to Nishter Hospital where doctors treating her later described her condition as out of danger.

They said she had been operated for the two bullet wounds. Doctors said she would remain hospitalised for two weeks.

Police said the suspect had claimed that Jawwad had persuaded her to kill Ruqayya Bibi and her daughter. “He promised to marry me after I had killed her wife and daughter,” she told the police.

She said Jawwad had also provided her the gun.

Jawwad denied that he had provided her the gun or asked her to kill his wife and daughter. He, however, admitted that he had been seeing her and had at one stage wanted to marry her. He said he had abandoned the idea after the birth of his daughter 10 days ago.

SHO Saleem Beg said he suspected that Jawwad was involved in the crime but would wait for the investigation officer’s report.

He said Jawwad had started seeing the suspect about three years ago when he tutored her for her business studies degree.

Yaqub Ullah, an uncle of Jawwad, said he had wanted to marry Nazish Bibi but his parents had not agreed. He was latter married to Ruqayya Bibi, a maternal cousin.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 11th, 2012.


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