Students gather on University Road to set a new anthem record

Even though this goal could not be achieved, there was a great display of patriotism.

Our Correspondent August 08, 2012

KARACHI: In an attempt to set a new world record, thousands of students gathered on Tuesday morning at University road and sang the national anthem. Though there was a great display of patriotism at the event, the target of setting a new record could not be achieved.

Last year, around 5,857 people gathered at a stadium in Khadda market and set the world record for the most number of people singing a national anthem simultaneously. However, the record was broken earlier this year. On January 25, around 15,243 people in Aurangabad, India, simultaneously sang the country’s national anthem. The organisers of this year’s event claimed that they succeeded in gathering around 10,000 students, which means that the record made in India stands.

As part of the Independence Day celebrations, Islami Jamiat-e-Talba (IJT) members along with other students clad in shades of green and white, participated in a rally at Karachi University. They marched from the administration block to the Silver Jubilee gate with a 146-feet long flag. Hundreds of students from the neighbouring NED University of Engineering and Technology joined them at University road. The celebrations continued till noon and the students dispersed to their respective universities after singing the national anthem together.

Soon after the event ended, a clash erupted between IJT and Imamia Students Organisaion (ISO) in which 10 students were injured.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 9th, 2012.