Missing persons issue being played up to malign Pakistan: Rehman Malik

Malik reaches out to estranged Balochi youth. Tells Senate only 36 cases of missing persons in Balochistan.

August 04, 2012

ISLAMABAD: The issue of missing persons in Balochistan was being unnecessarily played up to malign Pakistan, Interior Minister Rehman Malik informed the Senate on Saturday.

“In total, 2,390 people were suspected to be abducted, out of which addresses of 135 were incomplete, particulars of 241 were incorrect and 31 among them were working in the Middle East,” Malik said presenting the data on missing persons. “We scrutinised each and every case and found 32 people in jails. Today, there are only 36 cases of missing persons in Balochistan.”

He added that much hue and cry was made about Balochistan to create an impression that the government has failed, although the number of missing persons in the province was lesser than others. “The federal and provincial governments are working efficiently.”

“We all love Pakistan except for those enemies who are killing our innocent citizens and security personnel,” Malik said in what has fast become his best answer to explain the situation in Pakistan.

Presenting a clear picture of the estranged Baloch youth, Malik called them patriots before reaching out to them, enticing them to return home with promises of jobs.

He said the Baloch people wanted to live with Pakistan.

Referring to the Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan package and other initiatives launched in the province to assist the Baloch people, Malik said that the Pakistan Peoples Party-led coalition government was doing what was demanded by late Nawab Akbar Bugti and that all necessary steps would be taken for the prosperity of the province.

Malik also informed the media about the cabinet's committee on Balochistan’s upcoming visit to the province on Tuesday.

He said that no operation would be conducted in the province, however, those involved in disrupting the peace would not be spared.

Malik claimed that some Gilgit residents were trained to launch subvertive activities in Balochistan and Karachi but “I warn them that we are determined to foil their bids. We have the blueprints prepared to create unrest in Chitral and fuel Shia-Sunni confrontation.”

The minister added that measures were being taken at all levels to curb terrorism and that agencies should not be blamed for the killings in Balochistan.

Also sharing a ‘facts book’ with the media, containing details of terrorist incidents conducted by militant organizations during the current year, Malik said that all the attacks were claimed by organizations, including the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and other terrorist groups.

"We have complete details, regarding activities of BLA and other terrorist groups."

The Balochistan-Lyari nexus

Commenting on the unrest in Karachi, Malik said that it was all part of a planned conspiracy and pointed towards the connections between criminal elements operating in Balochistan and those in Lyari.

Malik said the arrangement between the elements worked as the elements in Balochistan facilitated the transport of hostages abducted in Karachi to Afghanistan through Hub.

He also mentioned Indian involvement in operations of Abu Jundal in Karachi and said that the Indian Interior Minister had admitted that Jundal was trained in India.

The Taliban tax

Trade with Afghanistan could come under further stress after Malik revealed on Saturday that the Taliban charge Rs5,000 toll for each truck travelling into Afghanistan.

He added that warlords in Balochistan received a five per cent cut from the $6 billion drug peddling money train.

Brahamdagh’s Afghan passport

Malik presented documents to the Senate proving issuance of passports to Harbyar and Brahamdagh Bugti by the Afghan government.

“Brahamdagh was issued a passport on the presidential orders with the name Firdous. He traveled to Geneva under the name of Ibrahim Rehan, while another Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) activist Riaz Gul traveled to other countries under the name of Ahmed Javed. Gul also traveled to India and is also a killing machine having support of India and Afghanistan,” Malik said.

He said that the Afghan government had also issued another letter containing directives to provide 500 AKs to insurgents in Dera Bugti as well as sniper rifles to militants in Balochistan for targeting politicians, army personnel and ISI officers. “It was a big plan to destabilise Balochistan,” Malik said of the discovery.

Baloch Republican Party has no militant wing: Brahamdagh

The minister also welcomed a statement by Brahamdagh wherein he said that the Baloch Republican Party had no militant wing.

"Now Brahamdagh should disown his deputy, who is operating from Kandahar and is involved in militant activities in Balochistan.We are willing to extend a hand of friendship to his deputy also, if he wants to return home," Malik said, adding that he had also briefed the prime minister about Brahamdagh’s statement.

Malik further said that Brahamdagh had a soft corner for Pakistan,which was a good sign.

He also appealed to Nawab Attaullah Mengal and his son Akhtar Mengal to join the dialogue process, pledging that their reservations would be addressed.