Cross-border attacks: Foreign Office raises issue with ISAF

FO spokesperson says the issue has also been raised with the Afghan government.

Web Desk July 31, 2012
Cross-border attacks: Foreign Office raises issue with ISAF

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office has raised the issue of cross-border incursions into Pakistan with International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) as well as with the Afghan Government, the foreign office spokesperson said on Tuesday.

The recent cross-border attacks took place in Dir and Bajaur Agencies on June 24 and July 12 this year, respectively. According to the Foreign Office, these cross-border attacks were successfully repulsed and special care was exercised to limit fire only to areas from where the terrorists attacked Pakistani border posts.

Cross-border attacks into Pakistan are under discussion with the ISAF, including the Border Coordination Mechanism, as part of the ongoing coordination and cooperation between Pakistan and ISAF.


Manoj Joshi | 11 years ago | Reply

The Federal Government of Pakistan and off course the Pakistan Army is facing one of their most challenging tasks on the Afghan-Pak border. The cross-border attacks are indeed a matter of concern for Pakitan and for the global community at large. Although the NATO has been supporting the defence forces of Pakistan the task is far from being over. Indeed, for the Federal Government and the army especially for the Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan (General Kayani) the test is extremely critical considering the logistic conditions in which the Pakistan army is to work; not very conducive and extremely hostile; the army has but to do and die. The second biggest challenge for the Army Chief of Pakistan is to handle an institution that has been infilterated by sympathisers and supporters of the Talibans as well as religious fundamentalists. Handling the situation is not an easy task for the Army Chief and hence his leadership should be appreciated should the army of Pakistan be able to do a commendable job in curtailing the terrorists and ending the problem for good in the areas of the Dir and Bijaur. There can and are people who would go around blaming the Federal Government of Pakistan and their army for having formeted terrorism and religious fundamentalism in the past and hence their present situation is due to their acts of the past. However pleasant this approach might sound to Pakistan baiters they should not forget and remember that if Pakistan as a nation collapses the direct impact on the neighbouring countries shall be disastrous. Hence at this critical hour Pakistan as a nation needs real support from the entire global community. The view so expressed may not find an overall acceptance especially among those who treat an anti-Pakistan approach as the yardstick of patriotism but truth remains the truth however bitter it might be. Let us hope the concerns of Pakistan are properly addresed to.

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