Pakistan’s move: Kabul opposes expulsion of refugees

Pakistan wants to expel all Afghan refugees, including those having legal document to live there.

July 25, 2012

KABUL: The spokesperson for Afghanistan’s Ministry of Refugees Affairs has said that any action by Pakistan to expel Afghan refugees with valid legal documents would be unacceptable for Kabul. According to media reports, Pakistan wants to expel all Afghan refugees, including those having legal document to live there. Islamuddin Jurhat said that any such action by Pakistan would be unacceptable for Kabul. “Pakistan cannot decide unilaterally on the issue and any decision in this regard should be taken by Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United Nations,” he added.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 25th, 2012.


Mwaqar | 9 years ago | Reply

Pakistan has every right to expel these so called refugees,Afghans as refugees are playing on both sides of the fence,they take money from UNHCR in Pakistan and go back to their country,get money from Afghan govt,come back to Pakistan and take money from the UNHCR again,they stayed in Pakistan for more then thirty years,they flee to Pakistan cause of false war propaganda against former Soviets,Pakistani ISI and other foreign powers used these refugees for their interests and there was no valid reason for them to leave their country,they ve been a burden on Pakistan for a very long time,now they have stable Govt in their own country,so they must go back,it is the responsibility of Afghan Govt to take care of their citizens,Afghanistan received billions of dollars after the fall of cruel Taliban and if people in power stop stealing money and transferring aid money to their foreign bank accounts,Afghanistan will become a better place to live,but its not Pakistan's headache anymore to pamper these refugees anymore.

SkinTaj | 9 years ago | Reply

We want our Afghan brother sisters to be our guests as long as required BUT we expect them to realise that we already have too much burden on our resources due to excessive population. Some of the refugee camps have , unfortunately, been used as breeding grounds for anti Pakistan activities. I think those minority of Afghan official who keep spreading negative propaganda about Pakistan , should take refugees back or ask their friend India to take them. Pakistan is abused and taken advantage for free. The same example is with NATO supplies, .they only realised how much it costs , once we stopped them. I think it's about time Pakistan speaks the same language as its ill wishers speak . No more NICE GUY.ets get down to business .

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