'People started judging me before watching Astaghfaar'

Actor says she is very religious, no third person can judge how religious she is.

Web Desk July 23, 2012

Veena Malik’s Ramazan show “Astaghfaar” was cancelled after the promo received immense criticism from the masses, but the actor finds it sad that people started judging her before even watching the show.

“Even before the show was released, people started saying that Veena Malik is not allowed to do this show. It is very sad,” said Malik in an interview to BBC Urdu. “Neither did people see the show nor did they know what the show is like. It would have made sense if people reacted at the end of the show, but this does not make any sense to me… It was very very strange behavior.”

When asked why the show was called off, Malik said that she did not know the inside details, but she knew that the channel received a lot of “serious threats”.

Describing the show, Malik said, “This is a beautiful concept and I have not done a show like this before. In the holy month of Ramazan, I made an effort to learn something related to religion and I made an effort to sit with people and interact with them as to why this is a blessed month and what good things we should do in this month and what all do we need to learn in life.”

But when a caller asked whether her future will be a religious one or one full of scandals, Malik snapped back saying that people are being judgemental when they say there is a rift between her and her religion. “Religion is a very personal matter for me. I am very religious, but it is something between me and my God. I don’t think a third person can stand in front of me and judge how religious I am or I am not.”

Another caller asked her to move towards religion, to which Malik said that she had been studying Islam since she was ten. “The difference between me and others is that I have read the Holy Quran with translation, which most people do not. I may not be a complete or perfect Muslim, but I constantly try to understand Islam better.”

Malik also hinted that she might join politics as she has done social work and knows people well, but when asked about marriage, Malik was clear that she is “not in the mood”.

“When the time is right, I will get married.”


Maryam | 11 years ago | Reply First of all "Hahahahaha" Second thing that this channel it self has NO RESPECT and is not decent either. Third thing is our very own "VEENA" she was better doing nudes shots than coming on Islamic program, as everybody said that if she truly needed repent, she should have done it privately, Islam is not a game that everybody can do whatever suits him/her. Its shame that people use religion to gain some attention. Please, soo called moderate muslims, before you comment go and read Quran and understand basics of religion. There is no modernism in religion first and has some roles, example of our prophets living to spend our life according to it, and guidance in Quran and sunnah. Only lack of knowledge people would appreciate someone like her. May Allah guide her and all of us on the right path and give us true knowledge of our deen, ameen
Malik Hassan | 11 years ago | Reply

Please report this channel and show to pemra please and also say your friends and every to report this channel we not want that she came on-air

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