Missing persons: 'Mutilated bodies surface when SC hears case in Quetta'

AG Baloch­istan inform­s chief justic­e that bodies recove­red died in encoun­ter with FC.

Web Desk July 09, 2012

QUETTA: Hearing the Balochistan security and missing persons’ cases at the Quetta registry of the Supreme Court on Monday, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said that mutilated bodies start to surface whenever the bench hears the case in Quetta, Express News reported.

Heading a three-member larger bench, Justice Chaudhry said, “Just yesterday (Sunday) four mutilated bodies were recovered; you [the authorities] are not taking it seriously.”

The advocate general of Balochistan informed the chief justice that the bodies recovered were not mutilated and that they died in an encounter with the Frontier Corps (FC).

He further said that if the chief justice wanted, he could order the chief justice of Balochistan High Court to investigate the incident.

While reprimanding the home secretary of Balochistan, the chief justice said that the security situation in the province is worsening and that they have destroyed peace in Balochistan.

A representative of the Defence Ministry informed the court that the families of the people who take refuge in “hiding camps” are usually unaware about it.

The advocate general said that evidence should be presented before the court regarding their presence in the camps.

The Supreme Court rejected the report submitted by the defence secretary regarding missing persons.

The court also gave a 15-day deadline to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to stop the use of illegal cars in the province.


Ismail | 10 years ago | Reply Allies? What allies? Balochs bodies are being thrown on road side every day. What this so called sympathy has done? By the way, has any body been arrested who has confessed that he has killed so many Punjabis? Why didn't these killings occur prior to 1999 when a person from Daska and Faisalabad could open a business in the same District Turbat with out any fear? Why didn't Balochs (if at all they did it) target Punjabis who dominated businesses in far flung areas like Turbat? Why were there not any ferari camp prior to Musharaf regime? If Balochs are traitors then why did they support Pakistan's cricket team and Inzamamul-Haq was there favourite player? Why did they celebrate 14th of August in 1998? Why did Akhtar Mengal drive Nawaz Sharif's car when they visited the nuclear blast site? Please for God sake, you reap what you sow. Nawab Bugti was the most patriotic person, he was the one who cast his vote in 1947 for Pakistan amongst all Baloch sardars. What you did to him? What about those students whose tortured mutilated bodies are thrown on road side on Eid day with a piece of paper with their names on it? Leave the 50 years of deprivation and sense of alienation, these 13 years since 1999 are the worst. Please stop the atrocities. Balochs are also humans and citizens of this land of pure.
KSU | 10 years ago | Reply

I can see from the the comments that Punjabis are getting very angry. The so called insurgents (terrorists) in Baloochistan by their actions of killing poor Punjabis have managed to alienate public opinion in Punjab - except for the professional NGO's and campaigners. The sympathy for the problems of Baloochistan is lost. Punjab was beginning to pay heed to the issues of Baloochistan. This would have made a difference. Now Punjab does not want to hear about the grievances of Baloochistan because the BLA have proved to be murderers and Balooch leaders like Mengal have refused to acknowledge the deaths or express condolences to the families.

Bringing East Pakistan in into the equation makes no sense. The situation is completly different the comparisons are superficial.Pakistan has a Sindhi/Balooch President, there is an assembly with a huge cabinet in Balochistan. Three of the parties in the governement have no Punjabi representation (ANP, BNP and the MQM). Balloch waderas dominate politics in SIndh, Punjab and Baloochistan. The former president who blew up Bugti was from Karachi - Yet still they think that killing poor Punjabis they will gain something. They will gain naught except the wrath and hatred of a significant number of people who could have been their allies.

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