7 annoying things my mother-in-law does

A list of annoying things married people have to bear.

July 07, 2012
7 annoying things my mother-in-law does

1- MIL never picks after herself

I’ll cook you dinner, I’ll clean your loo but for God’s sake at least throw your old teabags and tissue papers in the bin.

2- MIL never respects privacy

She’ll walk into the room when you’re breastfeeding, pick up your bank statement and stare at your finances and can launch into questions about your sex life with her son. Ewww.

3- MIL knows how to lay on the charm

She knows how to perfectly mask her criticism of your baby rearing skills, cooking or cleaning with a sweet compliment. Take for instance, “Don’t you look lovely today ... for a change!”

4- MIL has advice on everything under the sun

She has advice on looking good, raising babies, aging well and keeping her son happy. If she knows so much, why didn’t she raise a decent human being instead of a monkey who is incapable of finding his own socks?

5- MIL thinks I’m out to steal her son

Mothers-in-law love taunting daughters-in-law that he was hers before he became yours. To that we say, “Keep him to yourself, old lady – he’s not that great anyway!”

6- MIL forces her help on me, when none is required

“You’re planning a wedding, I’m coming over. You’re having a baby, I’m coming over. The baby has left for college, I’m coming over.” Don’t they realise that instead of making things easier for us, they make it just that much harder?

7- MIL always finds a way to make it about her

Whether it’s your child’s birthday or your anniversary, MIL knows how to get the attention back on herself.

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, July 8th, 2012.


Sidra | 11 years ago | Reply

weird i didn't liked this one. they need our attention with every passing day. i guess so no onw has written such things about their mother, they are also MIL of someone else.. hypocrate people

xyz | 11 years ago | Reply

And, you just called your husband "a monkey"?

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