Investigation report blames pilot for Bhoja Air crash

Pilot was given multiple warnings about bad weather but still tried to land the plane, reveal investigations.

Web Desk July 02, 2012

Initial investigations have revealed that the pilot of the Bhoja Air 737-200 aircraft – which crashed near Islamabad in April killing all 127 people onboard – was responsible for the crash, Express News reported on Monday.

According to the investigation report, the co-pilot of the plane kept telling pilot Noorullah Afridi to “go round” and “pull”, but the pilot tried landing the plane even in bad weather.

The pilot knew about the bad weather condition before the plane took off from Karachi and even saw it on the radar around 50 miles away from Islamabad, said sources.

The pilot was also given multiple warnings by the Air Control Tower regarding the weather.

As the pilot tried to land the plane, it got caught in a “downdraft” and crashed within 30-40 seconds. The plane caught fire after it crashed, added sources.

The report added that the aircraft had no technical faults.

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zafar | 8 years ago | Reply

@Zafar Iqbal Wing Commander Rtd: bhoja airline aircraft reg no AP-BKC and shaheen airline aircraft reg no AP-BHC. this posible mr bhoja parchase shaheen airline aircraft. 10 years old grounded aircraft no this is not posible. plz think about it.

zafar | 8 years ago | Reply

@Zafar Iqbal Wing Commander Rtd: mr zafar no body knows whats going on bhoja airline.

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