A new look for Gun Smoke

Gun Smoke reopens at Dolmen City Mall with a new look and revamped menu.

Our Correspondent June 24, 2012

KARACHI: If you missed the rude cowboys and peanut shells that had made a home for themselves at Zamzama’s Gun Smoke, here’s some disappointing news for you: Gun Smoke is now cleaner, brighter and politer. Located at the top floor at Dolmen City Mall, right next to Gloria Jeans Coffees and other under-construction food joints, the burger and steak joint has been given a facelift.

The floors are now white, with a pattern of black spots; the uncomfortable benches have been replaced with comfier seats along the wall and with bright lamps and tiny motorcycle pieces suspended from the ceiling, the place looks snazzier. The new cow boys are courteous as they go around making sure you are satisfied with your meal.

“We did the same thing with our other chain One Potato Two Potato (OPTP) a few years ago,” said Haris Khalid, the owner of the restaurant. “The cowboys have grown up! From the menu to the ingredients — we’ve revamped everything,” he added.

Khalid said that it wasn’t just the food and seats that have improved, but also the little details. “This sauce right here,” he said, pointing to a bottle of Red Hot sauce. “This is for Rs330 in the market, but we have it on every table.” He also added that the blue-cheese dressing has been “upgraded to a point where you can taste the bits of blue cheese.”

While restaurant goers say the food quality has improved a notch — their burger patty is juicier and bun fresher than before — some are not happy with the restaurant timings. “They should reconsider their timings; seem quite short for a mall that runs 11am to 11pm,” said one irked customer who had been turned away as the kitchen was closed. Gun Smoke’s kitchen is open from 1-3pm and 7-11pm but Khalid says people here are not familiar with “mall culture”.

So Gun Smoke is back with a little tweaking here and there to give it a spruced up feel. The one thing that has not, however, changed is the (very) old school Shania Twain songs blaring while you sink your teeth into a classic gourmet burger.

Published in The Express Tribune, 25th, 2012.


sanam durrani | 9 years ago | Reply

Gun smoke...so very disappointing! Today for lunch me n my husband decided to go to Gun Smoke...n what a bad choice...first at the entrance the now 'not so rude waiter' very rudely said if you're paying with a credit card u cant go in! This could have been said politely too. Once inside..we were directed to a table...i didnt wanna sit there but no the waiter again intruded sayin sorry u cant sit anywhere else except for a few tables where 2 were to be seated...n let me please state the the restaurant was almost empty with only 2 more tables occupied. Then we were given the menu...whoa!! sky high prices...anyway the food arrived..really not worthy of its price...it was cold n in my husbands food was a special ingredient...chef's hair! and it was cold...i had ordered a burger...n the bun was stale...crumbling into bits and pieces in my plate...Then the music...O God! please get out of the shania twain era...im sure she herself doesn't listen to her songs anymore...In the end to release my frustration i thought id light a cigg...n well...its a smoke free environment! I guess the smoke really has fizzled out!!

Anonymous | 9 years ago | Reply

these guys have definitly improved! from the burgers to the sizzling chicken mushroom! hav yet to try out their steaks n the sea food...but they need to work of managing their quantities..it was a little disappointing to hav the waiter to turn down a lot of the items we wanted to try in that menu - si ply becuz they had run out!!!...

and plz get a debit/credit card machine people...the world is going cashless!!!

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