Shoe-throwing PML-Q MPA passes out on Punjab Assembly premises

Seemal Kamran barred from enteri­ng buildi­ng, men and women MPAs duke it out inside Punjab Assemb­ly.

Web Desk June 21, 2012

LAHORE: Seemal Kamran, an MPA from the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) fell unconscious after a four-hour long protest after she was barred from entering the Punjab Assembly on Thursday, Express News reported.

Kamran was stopped from entering the assembly building in the aftermath of throwing a shoe at Unification Bloc leader Sheikh Alauddin, who had passed vulgar remarks against women MPAs in the opposition.

After arguing for hours outside the Punjab Assembly, the heat apparently took its toll on Kamran and she fell to the ground.

Rescue 1122 was called on-site and she was moved to a hospital in an ambulance.

Other PML-Q MPAs present there were seen consoling Kamran as she started to cry after her attempts to enter the assembly building had failed.

Earlier today, when Kamran arrived on the Punjab Assembly premises, a group of security guards had stopped her and told her that she cannot enter the building as per Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal’s orders.

“Under which law are you stopping me?” Kamran had kept questioning the guards. She had also said that she did not get a written order and that the Speaker had only “said” that action would be taken against people involved in the altercation on Wednesday.

Members of the opposition had protested against this act and an altercation started outside the Punjab Assembly.

The women were also seen elbowing the guards in an attempt to make way into the assembly building.

Speaking to the media at the hospital, Kamran said that it was shameful how she was treated by the Punjab Assembly security guards.

She blamed Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah and Speaker Punjab Assembly for the incident.

Women MPAs from PML-Q went to register a case against Alauddin at the Qila Gujjar Singh Police Station.

Inside the assembly

A commotion had started inside the Punjab Assembly as members of the opposition had raised their voice against barring Kamran from entering the assembly. They had said that Kamran was not issued a written order.

Women were seen slapping each other and pulling each other’s clothes, while men were seen grabbing each other’s collars.

The Speaker had kept shouting “order, order, order”, while no one listened and the chaos continued.

PML-Q’s Seema Khawar was approaching the Speaker’s dais when a PML-N MPA Rana Arshad tried stopping her which started another clash between PML-Q and PML-N members.

Opposition Leader Raja Riaz had earlier today said that it wasn’t Kamran, but PML-N’s Anjum Safdar who threw the shoe first.

He said that that the Speaker was not taking any action against PML-N MPAs.


Fahad Raza | 9 years ago | Reply

"IF WWE came to Pakistan they would hold the ring in Punjab Assembly..." Vince Mc'Mahon

Mirza | 9 years ago | Reply

This says a lot about the future of our country. The educated leaders can openly use vulgarities and hateful speech against women members and get away with that. No wonder common men slit the throats of women who do not comply with their orders and throw acid on their faces simply because they do not like them. I am saddened to see not too many people are focusing the vulgar lingo that PML leader used.

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