Mehdi Hassan: Achievements as a playback singer

Published: June 14, 2012
Celebrities from the sub-continent praised him and lamented his passing away. PHOTO: ONLINE

Celebrities from the sub-continent praised him and lamented his passing away. PHOTO: ONLINE

‘Pyar Bhare Do Sharmile Nain’ — Chahat (1974)

Chahat was released during the golden era of Lollywood. Music composer Robin Ghosh’s tunes and Runa Laila, Ikhlak Ahmed and Mehdi Hassan’s vocals gave life to the lyrics of this song and transformed it into a timeless entity to be hummed by generations to come.

‘Thehra Hai Sama Hum Tum Hain Jahan’ — Amber (1978)

With actor Mohammad Ali (late) and Deeba’s intense expressions and Hassan’s soul stirring vocals, this is the quintessential Lollywood romantic song.

‘Ye Jhuki Jhuki Nigahen’ — Paalki

Hassan sings for Mohammad Ali in Paalki. The film starred iconic actors Zeba and Nadeem along with many others.

‘Aaj Tak Yaadh’ — Sahre Ke Phool (1978)

Hassan did justice to lyricist Tasleem Fazli’s lyrics that depict a lover’s state of mind. The song is picturised on Nadeem who is seen reminiscing about his first tryst with lady love.

‘Ranjish He Sahi’ — Mohabbat

This song is a poem originally penned by poet Ahmad Faraz. However, the poem gained mainstream recognition after it was turned into a song. It was sung by Hassan for the film Mohabbat.



Lyrical masterpieces

‘Gulon Mein Rang’

This is one of the most famous poems of revolutionary and poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. On the surface, it seems like Faiz is sketching out the complexities of love and longing for the beloved but in actuality he is referring to the social and political turmoil around him.

‘Patta Patta, Boota Boota’

This ghazal was penned by one of the giants of Urdu literature, poet Mir Taqi Mir who talks about the dynamics of love and passion by comparing human feelings to a garden.

‘Ab Ke Hum Bichde’

This is a poem by Pakistani poet Syed Ahmad Shah popularly known by his pseudonym Faraz. The poem has a reminiscent tone to it and portrays the feeling of a lover who still hasn’t gotten over the past.

‘Zindagi Mein Tu Sabhi’

This is one of his most popular ghazals which Hassan was asked to perform at many musical events. The lyrics of this ghazal were penned by Aurangzeb Khan (popularly known by his pen name Qateel Shifai), a Pakistani Urdu poet who later turned into a full-time lyricist.

‘Rafta Rafta Woh Meri Hasti’

Only a few are aware of the fact that this was originally a film song written by Tasleem Fazli for the Pakistani film Zeenat (1975) while the tune was composed by Nashaad. However, it was Mehdi Hassan’s voice that gave this track the unprecedented popularity associated with it to this day.


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