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Sahar Habib May 29, 2012



Episode: 2

Aired: May 23

Channel: Express Entertainment

On “Emaan” everyone is devastated because Kathy, who needs time to think, isn’t coming.

I thought this drama would be a serious religious commentary, and it is in many ways with religious aspects subtly woven into the episodes, but I was pleasantly surprised by the comedy. Aazi looks quite comical as he trades in his bandana for a prayer cap and diligently participates in a “Khatame Quran” organised to bring Kathy to Pakistan and he goes to a shrine to pray as well.

Sajid believes Maulvi Abdus Salam said a “wazeefa” to stop Kathy from coming.

Aazi’s mother thinks it may be his father’s “bud dua” and tells Aazi to go to the Edhi home and bring his father back. However as his father gathers his things, Aazi gets a call from Kathy saying she is coming after all and he rushes home, forgetting about his father in his excitement.

Kathy, played by Anna Liko, finally arrives. Now it’ll be interesting to see how she’s received, how she adjusts to life in Pakistan and what kind of character she is.


Episode: 3

Aired: May 24

Channel: ARY Digital

On “Thakan”, Sadaf can work as hard as she can but it’s never enough for her family. Her brother Fareed now wants a motorcycle and she’s silly enough to consider it because one day he’ll be an engineer and everything will be fine.

To add to this, her mother says Mehak and Fareed have been complaining and they don’t understand the complexities of their financial situation and the difference between necessary and unnecessary spending, so Sadaf ought to be careful not to ‘offend’ them.

On another front, Sadaf’s grandfather tells Fareed to find out about Sadaf’s potential husband and, taking his mother’s hints, Fareed makes up a story about the potential husband, stating that he’s twice divorced, a drug addict and can’t hold a job.

The sleazy guy from last week comes back to the store and Sadaf gets fired for standing up for herself. Her boss tells her flirting is part of the job. Khursheed, a repulsive character who only seems to have nasty comments to make about every woman, sees the whole thing but tells Deeba that he was too ashamed and insulted to intervene.

“Mata e Jaan Hai Tu”

Episode: 13

Aired: May 25

Channel: Hum TV

This week on “Mata e Jaan Hai Tu”, Ibad only makes an appearance in a photograph leaving the audience confused. I mean fine Haniya and Ibad decided not to meet until Ibad’s father accept their marriage, but he’s completely missing. Is he staying with a friend? Is he homeless on the streets? What’s going on with him?

Additionally, Yameena doesn’t think Haniya, who is going overboard in her need to please, is acting rational. Haniya is a very traditional girl and it is understandable that she would latch on to Ibad’s parents after losing her own, but I agree with Yameena and if I were Uzair, I would be suspicious of Haniya’s behaviour.

Haniya is seen getting closer and closer to the parents; she meets Hajra, Ibad’s mother for the first time, who is instantly drawn to her and when Uzair gets dizzy and almost collapses at a construction site, Haniya is by his side in a heartbeat, inadvertently calling him “baba” (next week she calls Hajra “mama”).

In next week’s episode, Adam, who has been released from jail, is seen stalking Yameena and Uzair and sees Haniya wearing Ibad’s shirt (because for some reason she’s living at their house now!)

Now this can go one of two ways: Haniya may win over Uzair so that when she reveals who she really is and he will welcome her with open arms. Or, he will be furious at her deceit and accuse her of putting on an act to get close to him and Hajra.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 30th, 2012.


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