Girls school blown up in Nowshera

Two bombs went off in a government-run primary school for girls in the Barakhel area.

Muhammad Irfan May 22, 2012
Girls school blown up in Nowshera

PESHAWAR: Two bombs went off in a government-run primary school for girls in the Barakhel area of Mera Risalpur, District Nowshera, in the early hours of Tuesday, a police official said.

An official of the Risalpur police station stated that three classrooms and the main gate, along with the boundary wall of the school, were completely destroyed as a result of the explosion.

Station House Officer (SHO) Muhammad Ishaq, said, "Unidentified persons barged into the school and planted two bombs, each weighing three kilograms, on the outer walls of the classrooms and fled. The explosions occurred when the watchman left his post and went to offer his morning prayers.”

He added that an FIR has not been registered so far.

The Executive District Officer Nowshera, Hasanat Gul said "The number of schools destroyed by anti-literacy militants in the district have reached 16, of which seven were schools for girls and nine were for boys. These people [extremists] are not destroying the schools they are destroying the future of this nation,” he stated.

Hasanat Gul added that it is indeed the duty of the watchman to guard the school, but it is not possible for one man alone to stop extremists from the destruction of educational institutes.


The 21st Century | 12 years ago | Reply

"He added that an FIR has not been registered so far."

But Facebook on the other hand ...

bigsaf | 12 years ago | Reply @kaalchakra: Education, or 'Ilm', is not brainwashing, unlike right-wing Wahhabi/Salafi/Deoband extremist propaganda ideology akin to Glenn Beck. Those girls' parents want them educated, unlike the jahil conservative Taliban who want it banned through force. Are they so uncivilized and barbaric they can't properly argue for what they disagree with instead of attacking property through aggression on children's school? It's an un-Islamic haram and criminal violent attack on a girls' school, who want to impose their own deranged political and religious power and twisted views on the masses through bloody force, which sadly you seem to support with cheap excuses. There is no good justification no matter how much munafiq extremists claim it. Disgusting and shame on your backwardness.
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