Remove Graffiti And Banners: Durrani warns of action against local administration

Has ordered the city administration to remove graffiti on Karachi’s walls by the Mohajir Suba Tehreek

Our Correspondent May 19, 2012


The Sindh Minister for Local Government Agha Siraj Durrani has ordered the city administration to remove graffiti on Karachi’s walls by the Mohajir Suba Tehreek, as well as billboards and banners placed by the group. Durrani has also asked for action to be taken against the administration of areas where the graffiti appeared.

The Mohajir Suba Tehreek, which has been campaigning for the creation of a separate province for Sindh, has been advertising its demands through graffiti on walls, posters and a ‘newsletter’, which was placed at several locations including outside the Karachi Press Club. It has also been organising protests throughout the city and several supporters of the movement held placards for it at funerals for MQM workers recently.

While the MQM has denied any ownership of and support for the group, a legislator from the party did raise the question in the Sindh Assembly whether, given the demands, there was a possibility to open negotiations with the group and find out why they were asking for a separate province.

The Mohajir Suba Tehreek has been a source of contention within the province. Legislators who moved and backed a resolution against the group in the Sindh Assembly received threatening text messages and letters, while nationalist parties accused the PPP of not acting against the group.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 20th, 2012.

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