Twitter alert: Pity the Nation

People of Pakist­an use a twitte­r trend to share their own woes about the state of the countr­y.

Web Desk May 09, 2012

The Supreme Court of Pakistan, on Tuesday, issued the long-awaited detailed verdict in the contempt of court case against Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, which cited 70 reasons for the premier’s conviction.

Accompanying the verdict was a six-page long note by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa where after quoting poet Khalil Gibran’s Pity the Nation, he made his own 321-words addition to poem. Quoting Gibran kicked off a  #PitytheNation trend, where the people of Pakistan shared their own woes about the state of the country.

Top tweets:


#PityTheNation that lives without electricity in 2012


#PityTheNation where there is 22 hrs loadshedding in Multan, 18 hrs in Lahore & solution is a creating a new province #SouthernPunjab #PPP

Sheikh Irfan

#PitytheNation where dogs have more rights than humans

Hamid Yusufzai

#PityTheNation Who Has Imran Farhat As Opener, Junaid Zia

AsBowler, Veena Malik As Actress, Awais Lovely As Youtube Star

Haleema Khan

#PityTheNation where you can go to jail for flying a kite, but not for openly going against the Supreme Court.


#PitytheNation which doesn't do justice to Shaheed @SalmaanTaseer and convict a barbarian like Mumtaz Qadri #Pakistan

Sahar Zaidi

I dont #PityTheNation,I pity myself for doing nothing but tweet abt the miserable state of Pakistan, a country that's drowning in self pity


#PityTheNation that in a protest against #LoadShedding burns its own property #Pakistan

Ahmer Murad

When a country surrenders its sovereignty, perhaps sovereign default isn't that big a deal any more :'( #PityTheNation #Pakistan

Shoaib Taimur

#pitythenation where people rant against the US but are the first in line to get a visa for the same destination.


#PityTheNation which protests against tax on sms but keeps silence against corruption.


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mani qadir | 9 years ago | Reply

I do not pity the nation, I hope for the nation !

Lala Jie | 9 years ago | Reply

There is so much on Pity the Nation on Facebook as well.. here is my bit:

Pity the Judiciary that expects respect and obedience But has different standards for PPP and PMLN and Pak Army ... Pity the Judiciary that takes sue moto notice of Waheeda Shah's slap But ignores the shoes thrown by lawyers on honourable judges of lower courts ... Pity the Judiciary that allows dictators to contest elections in Uniform But hangs an elected civilian for following the constitution ... Pity the judiciary that says nothing about presidential immunity But convicts the elected PM for following the consititution ... Pity the judiciary that loves the Sipah Salar But hates the elected representative of the people of Pakistan ... Pity the Judiciary that takes oath to respect and protect the constitution But has the gall to take another oath under PCO .... Pity the judiciary that sermonizes the nation about ethics But forgets to be ethical in its own actions ... Pity the Judiciary that claims to be representing the people of Pakistan But forgets to hear the cases of the very people who keep visiting courts for years and years .... Pity the Judiciary that writes poems But forgets to do what it is supposed to do - hear the cases .... Pity the Judiciary that is Unable to speak through its judgemtns But has the knack for sermonizing and lecturing the Nation... ... Pity the Judiciary that is less interested in administering justice And more interested in media attention

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