Memogate: Decision pending on forensic verification of Ijaz's electronic devices

Counsels conclude argument as Ijaz extends another offer for Commission to examine his phone, computer in London.

Web Desk May 04, 2012

ISLAMABAD: After the Commission completes proceedings today, it will issue a decision on whether forensic reports of electronic messages on Mansoor Ijaz’s devices was necessary or not, even as Ijaz made one last offer to the commission to have his equipment examined by a commission official in London, Experss News reported late on Friday evening.

The Judicial Commission, which had been tasked by the Supreme Court to probe the Memogate scandal, whether Pakistan’s former ambassador to the US had either directed or dictated a memo with controversial contents , saw all the counsels wrap up their arguments on Friday.

Husain Haqqani's counsel Zahid Bukhari summed up his arguments where he told the court that Ijaz was of dubious character, who has not been able to back up his statements with proof. He added that Haqqani had not been kicked out nor forced to resign, instead he offered his resignation voluntarily.

The counsel added that according to the statement submitted by former US national security adviser General (r) James Jones, Mansoor Ijaz did not mention Haqqani even once.

Ijaz did not even appear before the parliamentary committee while Haqqani has denied having any connection with the memo, Bukhari maintained.

Bukhari added that he is appearing before the Memogate judicial commission for the last time on Friday owing to his personal commitments.

“As you wish,” replied Justice Faez Esa, the commissions head.

Justice Esa ordered his assistant to contact Ijaz’s lawyer, Akram Sheikh asking him to present Ijaz’s BlackBerry sets to the commission.

Mansoor Ijaz, through his counsel said that he was ready to present his BlackBerry handset and computer to the secretary of the commission for inspection, however, any inspection will take place in London.

Earlier, Akram Sheikh and the Deputy Attorney General had already completed their arguments.

The Commission observed that only after a decision is taken on the forensic reports will its findings be filed to the Supreme Court.


khalid | 9 years ago | Reply

How stupidly wise people we are? Our whole house is filled with snakes, which are biting us, killing us and our children. There is no works in the factories, no business in the market, no law and order, no safety and security. Labour sitting idle on the road side, shopkeepers sitting idle in their shops, even puncture shop wala is sitting idle waiting for electricity and bla bla---- - - - . We are enjoying this flourishing Democracy, doing talk shows displaying Democratic Political Gymnastic tricks, accusing, blaming, shouting and abusing on each other. Making people wise about each other by informing them, if Zardari swindled 60 million, so what they should be patient, as they have been when Sharifs ate 32 billion. Our Ambassador Haqqani Sahib is getting Memos written by American Agents like Mansoor Ijaz. President Sahib is involved in National money swindling scandle, Prime Minister is harboring the accused President and claiming to follow the Constitution giving his own version of Constitutional implications, other than the SC explanation. Prime Minister's one son has plundered the hajis, the other has been involved in selling drugs to compensate for the loss which their mother caused by loosing money in gambling in Dubai. Haven't we provided enough material to the world for amusement. Then some wise said that we are suffering from Schizophrenia or some mental disorder and the courts are wrong, wasting time and bla - - -bla. Why should we not get mentally sick, unless we haven't we gone "beghairat"? or we have some vested interest in such national turmoil and common man disaster?

Sadaf | 9 years ago | Reply

Memogate has made Pakistan a laughing stock. It seems that it is the only country in the world where you can blame anyone without any evidence and knock him out. The way Mansoor Ijaz accused Hussain Haqqani would open new windows of opportunities for anyone in the world to accuse any citizen in Pakistan on a piece of paper. The unsigned, unauthentic and forged piece of paper. We all are acting as dumb spectator; no one cares about public money, time and waste of resources on such an issue that is a myth more than reality. Memo commission, comprised of such judges, who were always biased towards PPP. Hussain Haqqani is punished for his loyalties to PPP. No one is gong to calculate the loss that Pakistan faced and still facing after departure of Hussain Haqqani from Washington. I believe that people like Hussain Haqqani are very rare in the histories but few people are hell bent to make them liability rather than assets. Just because of such policies we stand no where in the world today.

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