Will prove Sharif corruption within 7 days: Rehman Malik

Interior minister says deferred proceedings against Nawaz Sharif should move forward.

Web Desk May 03, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Thursday claimed that he will prove that the Sharif brothers were involved in corruption within seven days, Express News has reported.

Malik, who was speaking to the media outside Parliament, took a jab at the Sharif brothers yet again. This time the interior minister asked them if they respected the law so much, why they had not answered a police officer who had contacted them on the Supreme Court’s orders.

Malik said that a new SSP had been appointed to investigate the cases and he had asked him to ‘respectfully’ record the statements of Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and other leaders.

He said that the deferred proceedings against Nawaz Sharif should move forward as it had been more than 10 years.

Speaking to the media later during the day, Malik displayed some documents claiming them to be Supreme Court’s orders in a case against the Sharif brothers. “The police after doing investigations had put in on record that they [Sharif brothers] did not cooperate with them.”

“It was my duty to do what the Islamabad police failed to do. I ordered a magistrate inquiry today, so it could be known which police officers went to them. And if they did not get any reply, why did they not report it to the Supreme Court within the given four months’ deadline,” he added.

Malik further added that he has asked the IG Police to order the most honest police officer to investigate the case and take it to the Supreme Court, so the court can take appropriate action.

“First the prime minister was held in contempt and now you’ll see it happen against Nawaz Sharif and his whole party. Justice implies that a contempt proceeding be initiated against them and an action be taken in a similar way,” he added.

Malik had earlier stated that the government was set to file a reference with the National Accountability Bureau against the Sharif family in various corruption cases, and had claimed that he had evidence that the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz leaders had siphoned off public funds worth $32 million.

The Punjab chief minister had hit back at Malik, calling him the “IG of liars”, and had said that he would quit politics for good if any evidence of corruption was given against his family.


Zameer | 9 years ago | Reply

The cases against Sharifs are very obvious. They got huge loans and they did not pay. Where is the politics or bad timing in it? These cases have been swept under the rug when Sharifs signed a 10 years agreement with Gen Mush and King of SA. The maligned NRO had thousands of beneficiaries not just Zardari. Some of the beneficiaries had multiple cases of murders against them. Now the Sharifs have started a jihad against the Govt and NRO with the help of SC, this means the cases against them also stand revived. Now it is level playing field. Instead of PCO judges only beating up on the elected leaders the Sharifs and not so sharif including generals are going to be tried for their corruption. It is a good thing that PML-N went against the PPP and Zardari who were elected despite the Swiss cases. Now the shoe is on the other foot and the facts should come out.

dissilussioned | 9 years ago | Reply

Ladies and Gentlemen stay tuned for Round 2 of the WWF!

Seriously though we all know both sides are corrupt, I wish they'd just move on

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