Twitter alert: Gilani convicted of contempt

Twitterati feel the court’s decision did little to change their lives.

Web Desk April 26, 2012

In the final hearing of the contempt of court case, the Supreme Court of Pakistan convicted Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and sentenced him till the rising of court, which lasted only a little while.

Considering the verdict ‘a joke’ was the general reaction of the twitterati who felt that the court’s decision did little to change their lives.

Top tweets

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi ‏ @Ali_Abbas_Zaidi

Supreme Court: Y U SO predictable? #Pakistan

Ammar Yasir [RONIN] ‏ @ammaryasir

What AKON and Gilani have in common? "Convict". Makes the PM such a badass.

Sami Shah ‏ @samishah

Yes the punishment was just 30 seconds. But it was 30 seconds of standing close to Iftikhar Chaudhary. And he has halitosis.

Sohaib ‏ @sohaibgulbadan

My life is desperately trying but miserably failing to be affected even a little bit by the Supreme Court's PM contempt case

cyril almeida ‏ @cyalm

Favourite moment outside court today: photographers shouting, 'Yousuf, Yousuf' to catch PM's attention.

Farrukh Khan Pitafi ‏ @FarrukhKPitafi

My revenge from the system. I didn't go to the Supreme Court. I went to an event of KG branch of a school & spoke there as guest speaker.

Sabahat Zakariya ‏ @sabahat24

Iss se zyaada dayr ki saza tau mayN Talha ko badtameezi karnay par de daytee hooN #contempt

(I give Talha longer punishment than this for misbehaving.)

Faizan Ayyub ‏ @FaizanAyyub

Congratulation #Pakistan. #Gilani break d record of Kalyan Sing(CM UP) for 1 minute sentence in Babri Masjid demolition case. #India #Contempt

aleefbaypay ‏ @aleefbaypay

In all the #contempt case hoopla no one has mentioned India's spy satellite launch today

Rabia Garib ‏ @rabiagarib

Why is #Gilani being hailed as a hero? He has been convicted. How low and warped is our national benchmark for pride? #Pakistan



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Pakistan politics | 9 years ago | Reply

SC gave a very clever and fair verdict, PM cannot get pardon as he has completed his sentence and also cannot hold public office, Aitzaz Ahsan was surprised by such a decision and outclassed that he couldn't fill an appeal against sentence

Shahrukh Kazmi | 9 years ago | Reply

The best one was from Sabahat Zakariya lol, well it all happens in Pakistan but still i love my country : ).

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