Memogate: Mansoor Ijaz’s counsel seeks delay of Haqqani’s hearing

Says he will be in the US for a medical check-up and his presence is vital for the case.

Azam Khan April 15, 2012


The counsel for Mansoor Ijaz has requested the Supreme Court that former ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani’s case be heard after April 20, although the hearing has already been fixed for April 19.

Akram Sheikh stated in his application that he had been granted general adjournment for all his cases from April 19-20 in order for him to have a medical check-up abroad, and that he had already left for the US for this purpose. He added that his presence was necessary for the hearing and disposal of Haqqani’s case.

The application, therefore, requested the court to take up the case after April 20.

It added that Haqqani had “unleashed a campaign of contempt against the commission as well as interference with the possible outcome of an instant petition”. As the  counsel for Ijaz, the key player in the memo scandal, Sheikh said his appearance in the case was essential in order to bring relevant material on record, and to make a submission on the  behalf of Ijaz for a just and proper decision regarding the recording of Haqqani’s testimony.

The application lambasted Haqqani’s “flouting of court orders”, saying that while the court had only permitted him to travel abroad on the condition that he would return within four days of a notification from the SC or the inquiry commission, he had not complied with this condition in spite of orders passed on March 1 and March 2. The court had provided this permission in an order dated January 30.

It added that he was, therefore, not entitled to any indulgence from the court.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 15th, 2012.


Sayma | 10 years ago | Reply

Data of phone calls, facsimile transmission, verbal appearance through video conference and a lot of talks does not mean that Mansoor Ijaz is right. Not a single document is signed by Hussain Haqqani. Mansoor Ijaz has admitted that he wrote the memo. What else proof the Memo Scandal Commission wants to prove that Mansoor Ijaz is playing with his concocted story, whereas the Obama Administration is keeping silent on this issue and not a single word has come out from State Department, confirming that Mansoor Ijaz is right.

Wahab | 10 years ago | Reply

All are equal in the eye of law. Courts should not use Principles of Justice selectively; this is again a test for SC to show its neutrality. SC is eager to bend backwards for all those who are against PPP government, this cannot be characterized as Justice and this is not good for SC reputation and reputation of Pakistan and this must come to halt. Sense and sensibility must prevail. If someone from PPP or any other party breaks law that person must be punished fairly according to law. This habit of pretrial to malign the government must end. What will historian write about this? In this particular case (memo-gate) SC has jumped in unnecessarily, may be due to being over zealous, this was bad decision and this will hurt the reputation of SC at the end.

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