Kutchi Rabta Committee leader among four killed in Lyari

PPP leader Nabil Gabol says if people responsible for killings are not arrested within 3 days, he will resign.

Web Desk March 19, 2012

KARACHI: Four people including Kutchi Rabta Committee (KRC) leader Abdul Rasheed were killed late Sunday night in a firing incident in the Agra Taj Colony in Lyari.

Some unidentified men opened fire on Rasheed, his gunman Zubair and Assistant Sub-inspector Khalil. They were being moved to the hospital when they succumbed to their injuries.

In a reaction, a round of firing erupted in different sectors of Lyari. People got on Mauripur Road and staged a protest against it, blocking the road. The traffic police had to divert the traffic.

The KRC announced to observe mourning.

Police also launched a search operation across Lyari and razed many torture cells and militant outposts in Nayabad, Daryabad and Dhobhi Ghat areas.

Superintendent of Police Crime Investigation Department Aslam Khan supervised the operation in which police strived to barge into “no-go” areas.

The search operation lasted for about three hours; however, no arrests took place.

Police also recovered two stolen cars, motorcycles and one jeep.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Peoples Party leader Nabil Gabol has said that if the people responsible for the killings in the Agra Taj Colony are not arrested within three days then he will tender his resignation.


Danish Zuberi | 9 years ago | Reply

The Kutchi community migrated from the Run Kutch in India about two hundred years ago and settled in Lyari. Fishermen, seafarers, launch owners, fish exporters, and every thing fish - they have lived a peaceful life till few years back. The Kutchies were living in peace only because they were regularly paying extortion payments to the criminals in Lyari. When inflation shot to new highs and extortion demands went beyond their capacity they just started saying NO to paying extortion to mafia. Aftera few brutal murders the whole community got together said goodbye to normal life of trade and business and took up arms. Ironically, the only way to survive in Pakistan is to kill, kill and kill again. Or fall into complete subjugation of every one powerful. Why did Kutchies took to arms - why was the Lyari mafia allowed to exist and flourish, I hope the Tribune can find it out. And I hope Tribune will also try to dig out that when the British Empire put a ban on SLAVE TRADE across its releam the Baghdadi Salve Market where slaves brought from the supply hub of Baghdad were auctioned for forward sales in Sindh Balochistan and even Hyderabad Deccan in India - Lyari was separated from Balochistan and given under BOMBAY RESIDENCY which was at time running the affairs of Sindh. Nice reading for inquisitive minds. Regards Danish#

SB | 9 years ago | Reply In any case stop communalism and racism. Things will get better. The petty minds and petty politicians must be stopped from spreading hatred against the residents of Karachi. Catch the killers which are at still at large.
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