Delay in promotions: Doctors to launch movement from Monday

Published: March 18, 2012
The pressure on the PPP has been building up for several days now.

The pressure on the PPP has been building up for several days now.


In opposition to the government’s decision of giving incentives but not promotions, the affected Sindh government doctors will start a ‘Sindh Doctors Movement’ from March 19.

This movement is aimed at exerting pressure on the government to carry out the Supreme Court’s orders to promote doctors, Dr Nisar Ali Shah told The Express Tribune.

According to Shah, the government has implemented only one of the court’s decisions to give them financial incentives but the matter of promotions is still complex. The health department has announced 815 promotions from grades 17 to 18, 565 promotions from grades 18 to 19 and 51 promotions from grades 19 to 20.

However, the doctors said that it translates into only one promotion for the doctors who have been waiting for years. They protested that for the total time elapsed since the promotions were stopped, the government should offer at least three promotions. “For instance, if I have not received a promotion for the past 23 years, I should not be just promoted from grade 17 to 18. According to the period of delay, I should be given two to three promotions to grades 18 or 19 at least,” explained Shah.

The doctors have decided to organise the movement from March 26 until April 27, and warned that if their demands are not met, they will start a strike in all OPDs of the province’s 23 districts. If the government does not pay any heed, then we will stage a sit-in in front of Governor House, added Shah.

The doctors will hold a press conference on March 19 at the press club.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 18th, 2012.

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