The doctor, his son’s friend, his wife and her lover

April 07, 2010

HYDERABAD: It was the kind of story that, if proven true in a court of law, would have fit as the plot of a Pedro Almoadovar film.

On Tuesday, DPO Hyderabad Javed Alam Odho held a press conference to tell the world that three of the four alleged killers of a man named Dr Munir Ahmed Shaikh had been caught. And one of them was his wife.

On March 9, Dr Shaikh was shot point blank with a pistol at Saati Para by one of two motorcyclists as he was on his way to drop his children to school at about 8:15 am. He died of a gunshot wound in the neck while being rushed to Liaquat University Hospital by the City police. Later on, his brother Nazir Ahmed Shaikh registered the case (No. 34/2010) under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

A team of SP Muhammad Ahmed Qureshi and SHO City Imran Rasheed and other men went to work. DPO Odho said that they suspected that Dr Shaikh’s wife was involved in the murder. According to them, she had become involved with the 28-year-old friend of her son Shafil. This young man, Farhan, often stayed at their home as his family was in Lahore.

The police said that Farhan had a place in Railway Quarters. According to the police, Mrs Shaikh allegedly gave Farhan 200,000 rupees to murder her husband. Farhan enlisted the help of Adnan, someone he knew from the Railway Quarters, and Riaz alias Gogi Rind from Dadu. They were the ones who allegedly shot Dr Shaikh.

The men managed to escape from the scene and the police said they found the murder weapon at Adnan’s residence. Farhan later split the money, giving Gogi Rs125,000 and Adnan Rs65,000, said DPO Odho. The police have arrested Mrs Shaikh, Farhan Khan and Adnan, who have allegedly confessed. But the fourth man, Gogi, is on the loose.

The DPO said that he has recommended a cash prize for the City police station men, who helped crack the case. “He was a decent man and had no enemies,” said DPO Odho while speaking to The Express Tribune. “And thus we figured out it had to be an inside job.” In particular, the police noted down Farhan’s name and started watching him. “He was a dubious character,” said DPO Odho. “He lived alone. But was great friends with the family. We had him followed and watched for a few days.”


Fayyaz Alam | 13 years ago | Reply How would one feel if someone close to them is murdered and the headline is like a film title. Does Express Tribune hire script writers to report sad incidents in the society? Title has been adapted from a strange film 'The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover'.
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