Pakistan safe havens could jeopardise US strategy in Afghanistan: Report

Secret cables sent from Kabul last month point fingers towards persistent safe havens in Pakistan for lack of success.

Web Desk February 25, 2012

Suspected militant havens in Pakistan could jeopardise the US strategy in Afghanistan, secret cables exchanged between the US Ambassador in Kabul and his superiors in Washington revealed, the Washington Post reported on Friday.

According to the report, Ryan C. Crocker, the head of the US diplomatic mission in Afghanistan had sent a secret cable last month, through CIA contacts, instead of usual protocols, warning that the safe havens that insurgent fighters allegedly enjoyed in Pakistan, were failing years of US efforts to place curbs on the likes of the Haqqani network, and ultimately plans to hand over security responsibilities to an Afghan force.

US officials who were familiar with the contents of the cable told the Washington Post that with the US planning to cut its troops in Afghanistan by half to 68,000 in the summer, will have a hard time in dealing with militants who could recover and regroup across the border.

"The sanctuaries are a deal-killer for the [Afghan war] strategy," a senior defense offical said.

Some officials familiar with the process pointed out the unusual medium of delivery. They suggested that by not sending the cable through the State department, as is the norm, meant it contained sensitive material.


Aamer | 10 years ago | Reply

I seriously doubt ET is serving Pakistan's interest or reporting on for USA?

Just Curiuos | 10 years ago | Reply

@KK You said USA invaded Afghanistan and then all these so-called militants fled the country to Pakistan. The logic is simple: if the US hadn’t invaded Afghanistan ruthlessly, all this mess would have been contained inside Afghanistan. They chose to pit themselves in Afghanistan and now Pakistan has to pay the price for all these Afghan militants

Are you seriously implying that Pakistan does NOT have its own extremists groups, does NOT harbor international extremists, does NOT support its own extremists military camps or extremists madrassas?? IF only the US hadn’t invaded Afghanistan ruthlessly, Pakistan would be a country without militants? You are seriously out of touch with reality.

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