Murder: Man admits to killing sisters for property

Published: February 25, 2012
‘They refused to transfer their share in my name’.

‘They refused to transfer their share in my name’.


A police team on Thursday arrested a man who they said had confessed to killing his two sisters in Sahianwala area four days ago, SP (Operations) Sadiq Dogar told the media at a press conference. 

The suspect, Shoaib Ahmad, was also present.

The SP said Ahmed, a resident of Chak 18-JB, was held for interrogation after police suspected his involvement in the crime based on the evidence gathered from the scene. During questioning, he added, the suspect admitted to killing his sisters Azmat, 34, and Batool, 32, to grab their share of family property.

“I had asked them several times to transfer the property in my name but they were reluctant to do so. None of my cousins or their parents has given their women any share in their property. Family property is traditionally passed on to men,” the suspect said.

“I killed them after all my efforts to persuade them into forgoing their share failed. My male cousins who had gotten all their parents’ property used to ridicule me all the time,” he said.

Ahmed said he had shot and killed the two sisters in their sleep at their home in Chak 18-JB. Ahmed had then filed a murder complaint against unidentified men with Sahianwala police.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 25th, 2012.

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