Expert offers to drink 20 vials of expired polio drops to prove point

Published: February 22, 2012
Billo denied that there are any lethal effects of damaged or expired drops, saying that even if such drops are given to children, no health risks are involved.

Billo denied that there are any lethal effects of damaged or expired drops, saying that even if such drops are given to children, no health risks are involved.

KARACHI: Representatives of the Pakistan Pediatric Association (PPA) held a press conference on Tuesday to clarify the allegations made against the polio vaccines being administered in the country.

Almost a week back, Dunya TV anchor Mubashir Lucman conducted a series of programmes on ‘polio’, in which it was alleged that the vaccine being administered in the country are expired or that heat was affecting the drops. Guests on the show went on to say that such allegedly faulty drops could potentially cause polio itself, or even death in some cases.

The show has created frustration among those who are working towards the eradication of the virus. “These allegations are so absurd that we did not even know how to react and just thought of them as propaganda,” said Prof. A Ghaffar Billo at the Karachi Press Club on Tuesday.

He told journalists that since the allegations were made through the electronic media, which can be understood even by the unlettered population, it is likely that people will develop a fear of the drops and refuse vaccinations for their children.

He explained that if the dose is damaged due to heat exposure, it can be easily detected by the Vaccine Vial Monitor (VVM), which comes with the vial carrying the drops. The VVM detects a change in colour of the dose to confirm if it is expired.

Billo denied that there are any lethal effects of damaged or expired drops, saying that even if such drops are given to children, no health risks are involved. He showed two vials to the audience, an expired one and an effective one. “I can volunteer to drink 20 expired vials to prove that it does not lead to deaths or other harmful effects.” He said the only drawback is that the drops do not serve the purpose of preventing polio.

“The fact that no deaths have been reported in the past 18 years, since the start of the polio campaign, is proof enough that these claims are false,” said Billo.

He also spoke about the propaganda by religious leaders against the eradication campaign. They claim that polio drops lead to infertility and that illness is ordained by Allah, thus Muslims should not play any role in its eradication. Citing examples of India, Egypt and Nigeria, Billo said that these countries faced similar problems but the allegations were countered by other religious leaders. We also have fatwas by about 10 religious leaders against these misconceptions, said Billo.

The PPA president, Dr Iqbal Memon, added that the failure to eradicate these diseases has damaged the country’s reputation. “Even for Hajj, they administer special polio drops to Pakistanis and I fear that we might lose the permission to travel abroad until polio is eradicated.” He said that sanitation is also emphasised with the vaccine because the virus is transferred to the environment through fecal release. Experts recommend continuing the eradication campaign for three more years at least.

Pakistan’s battle

The polio eradication programme has been working since the mid-1970s. The only countries that still have polio in the world are Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

India, which has the same social and demographic structure, celebrated its first year of zero polio this January. A country is declared polio free if it has no case for three consecutive years.  A majority of the cases, in which the child has received no dosage or less than the required three, have been reported in Fata and Balochistan due to inaccessibility. In Punjab, there were no polio cases for three years due to effective vaccination. The number of polio cases fell from 1,155 in 1997 to just 28 in 2005. But the virus made a comeback in 2011 when 198 cases were reported in Pakistan.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 22nd, 2012.

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Reader Comments (5)

  • zehra
    Feb 22, 2012 - 9:36AM

    this is where i feel shame on the media, the media is still not able to do responsible reporting, these talk shows guys just pick a topic and go on a rampage to garner trps, without a thought of the impact they can have, with a few minutes of his show he has destroyed years of work by the health workers, shamful indeed. i guess it is time media is held accountable and be taken in court as a defaming tactics, let the court figure out, if it was falsely reported then he shoukld not be allowed on air and if true then the adminstration of vacination drive should be made accoutnable.

    we simply cant let media behave like an unruly kid it is time the kid grows up!!


  • Feb 22, 2012 - 12:19PM

    Lucman deserves nothing less than permanent removal from air for such disastrously irresponsible behaviour. Having worked with the polio vaccination programme myself, I cannot stress enough how much time, money and effort it takes to convince people that vaccines are not dangerous.

    And in come these sensationalists with their dangerous lies. The boulder we’ve all been pushing to the top of the mountain, comes rolling back to the ground because of these clowns, all for the sake of a higher TV-rating.

    Expired vaccines are not dangerous. They lose their immunizing function, but they cause no harm to the body.


  • Worried
    Feb 22, 2012 - 1:38PM

    Expired vaccines are simply EXPIRED VACCINES , one thousand and one justifications do not justify its use.
    We need to look at the creditials of so called Mr Billo can we call him doctor he should of gUTS to admit the expired medicines can not be adminstered,


  • Ehsan
    Feb 22, 2012 - 4:16PM

    Well I say “PROVE IT BILLO!” and drink 20 vials of expired vaccines. How about doing it on Lucman’s show (provided Mubashar is the one supplying the vaccines?)

    BTW: Expired vaccines are just expired vaccines is a foolish argument.. And stating “the fact that no deaths have been reported in the past 18 years” is a BLATANT LIE! Just google it to find the real FACT!…


  • Raheel
    Feb 25, 2012 - 5:30AM

    Dr Billoo is a renowned peaditrician; he has done more for this country than all of you can imagine.

    And don’t google things; search on a recognized scientific search program like ‘pubmed’. That will you give more sceintifically proven facts than what tv anchors have to tell you.



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