Imran wants open border between Pakistan, Afghanistan

Pakistan and Afghanistan should have a relationship “free of the excess baggage of the past and of India,” says...

Web Desk February 14, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Tuesday that he wants to see an open border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

According to a statement released by the PTI, Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan, Mohammed Umar Daudzai had a telephonic conversation with Imran Khan. Imran expressed regret that successive Pakistani regimes supported various Afghan groups rather than focusing on what the people of Afghanistan really want.

Imran hoped that both the countries could move forward through the process of dialogue and understanding. He said that Pakistan and Afghanistan should have a relationship “free of the excess baggage of the past and of India,” although he stated that the latter factor cannot be ignored.

Imran also conveyed his concerns of a 1989 repeat, when the US withdraw in 2014.

Ambassador Daudzai briefed Imran about Afghanistan’s heavy investment in human development projects including higher education and how present Afghanistan is different from the past one.


zadran | 12 years ago | Reply

just keep quit anybody who is talking about afghani...they r our brothers and they fighting against america and NATO...and american,s and NATO,S defeat is not just for interest of afghanistan it is more better for survival of pakistan....the american,s have mission in asia and u my dear brothers don,t know that what the american.s want to play game in this region ok ....if american,s didn,t defeated in afghanistan than pakistan resistance will be in danger and the first islamic atomic power will be destroy...and it will be very bad for muslim ummah... Imran Khan we love you, we support you, ur vision is best, Yes Pak and Afghanistan should come more closer....otherwise if afghanistan is defaeted by american,s than the american and NATO,S target will be pakistan my dear pakistani brothers also be carefull in this direction....

Dilawar | 12 years ago | Reply

Pls Pls Pls* madam ambreen i saw u r massage because u were 8 the top....... i m afghani but look 8 me i love pakistan as much as i love pls don't hate us v r also muslims,plsssssssssssssss madam u r masage were totaly wrong????????

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