'International community must respect Pakistan's institutions'

Gilani on Saturday said that Cameron should take notice of human rights violations in Indian Kashmir.

Express July 31, 2010

LAHORE: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Saturday said that British Prime Minister David Cameron should take notice of human rights violations in Indian Kashmir.

Addressing a public gathering near Sargodha, Gilani said that Cameron spoke on terrorism but ignored Kashmir. He also said that Pakistan will never compromise on its nuclear program.

The prime minister said that Pakistan has rendered more sacrifices than NATO in the ongoing war on terror and the international community must respect Pakistan's institutions.

Altaf Hussain on Cameron's statements

Meanwhile, MQM Chief Altaf Hussain termed the statements made by Cameron as highly unfortunate. He also advised President Zardari to review his visit to Britain keeping in mind the sentiments of the general public in reaction to the British PM's statements.

Hussain said that on an international level Pakistan has been the centre of baseless allegations. In this regard, he stated that Cameron's statements regarding pakistan's cooperation with terrorists is utterly saddening.

The MQM chief contended that during the last few years,  security forces in Pakistan have given innumerable sacrifices in the war on terror. He added that Pakistani civilians have also been targeted in massive numbers by terrorist attacks yet the nation sadly faces such accusations.


tanweer | 11 years ago | Reply Along with this news there is also an statement of Altaf Bhai regarding expected UK visit of President Zardari and also expression regarding David cameron’s statement regarding Pakistan.
Fayyaz Muhammad Mian | 11 years ago | Reply These are only assertions Mr PJS. In war against terror or any war, point of being selective does not arise for the rival groups know no civic laws and values (look at Israel and India what they do in Kashmir and Palestine). Besides Pakistan entered in the war against terror due to increasing American pressure after 9/11, it was Bush and his allies'crusade. The then Pakistan government supported the Americans and NATO forces. Despite every thing we fought and are fighting the war one way or the other without blame gaming. The west has developped a very bad habit of desecrating ties after the fulfillment of their purpose. You have all realized now that the said war has no 'raison d'etre'. That is the point behind the wikileaks and these fake allegations. why were there no documents like wikileaks at the time of 'Russian Invasion in Afghanistan'? Just wait these 'wikileaks' are frustrated sentiments of people who run from the war and its casualties because they know the ground realities. Besides there aren't reliable sources; that means to say anybody can count anything or link. In the beginning of the 'war against terror, the Americans showered dollars to Afghan nationals in pursuit of Osama ben Laden but of no use. Similarly, these wikileaks or counts have nothing plausible. You may be surprised but this is the truth nothing but the truth.
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